Consider Shade in Your Project Design

Outdoor Area - Versatile Structures

Failure to consider shade a critical design aspect is an all too common mistake on new builds that will end up with under-utilised areas, too hot to play in summer. This generally leads to the installation of shade as an afterthought, which is more costly to complete because the site needs to be re-mobilised, machinery…

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Lucent Project Progress

Lucent Project Progress - Versatile Structures

The Lucent is appropriately located to take advantage of the locality’s high frequency transport options, including the City Glider Bus Service and the Teneriffe Ferry Terminal, and the vibrant range of retail, commercial and entertainment facilities within the surrounding Gasworks Precinct and broader Newstead locality. The project consists of two towers consisting for a fifteen-storey residential…

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Strength Starts Below Ground

Strength Starts Below Ground - Versatile Structures

Footings are the most critical element of any structure. Footings if done right, Never Fail! Why our footings are best Reinforced Cages and Adequate Footing Size. Proper Cage Reinforcement is critical, concrete is inherently weak without adequate steel reinforcement. Footings Must also be of an adequate size to counter forces applied into them. Ensure the correct…

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