Sneeze Guard

Trust Versatile Structures for a Quality Sneeze Guard

Are you looking for options for a durable and well-made sneeze guard? Turn to the team at Versatile Structures. With years of experience in the industry, we commit ourselves to provide you with an excellent selection of sneeze guards.

Benefits of an Acrylic Sneeze Guard

There are numerous advantages to purchasing one of our acrylic sneeze guards. A few examples include:

  •  Protection for both employees and customers: The addition of a sneeze guard to your office or store is an excellent form of protection for your customers and employees. A sneeze guard helps to block any bodily fluids from passing between two people which can cut down on the risk of passing sickness.
  • Demonstrations of commitment to community safety: When you own a business, you must show your customers that you will always go above and beyond to consider their safety and well-being. Sneeze guards provide your customers with the peace of mind of knowing that they have an extra layer of protection during checkout or when they need to communicate with a member of your team.
  • Easy to clean: We realise that you always want your employees to make the most of their time which is why we make our sneeze guards easy to clean. Whether you decide to clean the sneeze guard once a day or once an hour, you can rest assured that you can thoroughly clean your structure in a matter of minutes.

Related Services We Provide to a Perspex Sneeze Guard

While we take great pride in our quality selection of Perspex sneeze guards, we also provide our clients with the opportunity to purchase other facades and structures such as:

  • Shade sails: Would you like to incorporate some shady areas into your outdoor property? Shade sails are the ideal addition to a park, playground or childcare centres. Our shade sails are cost-effective and also come with a 10 to 15-year warranty. Each shade sail is made according to the unique conditions of your property to ensure that they suit your needs.
  • Car park shade structures: Is there anything worse than enjoying a fun day of shopping and coming back to a hot and uncomfortable car that has been sitting in the sun for hours? If you are looking for a way to provide your customers with a better shopping experience from the moment they leave the car to the second they return, you may want to consider installing car park shade structures. Our team provides you with an all-inclusive design, including assistance regarding building approval and installation.
  • Polycarbonate roofing: There are multiple benefits of installing polycarbonate roofing. Some of the benefits of this roofing is that it can control thermal and UV transmission.

About Versatile Structures 

The professionals at Versatile Structures are here to help you design your ideal sneeze guard. Our team is available Monday through Friday between 7 AM and 5 PM for any questions or concerns that you have about any one of our structures.

To learn more about our structures, please reach out to us through our contact page.



Are similar to shade sails with the addition of supporting framework. This makes them less susceptible to fabric sag from heavy wind and hail.


Provide a waterproof shade solution by utilising PVC membrane fabrics, these range in warranty from 10 years to 30 years.


Shade Sails, are a cost-effective option to provide shade to an existing area.


Polycarbonate products are an ever developing area of Versatile Structures, we pride ourselves on being highly adaptable when it comes to unique design challenges that are only applicable to this type of structure.


Aluminium Screens and Sunhoods can be custom made to suit individual requirements, or prefabricated for tight construction timeframes.


Umbrellas are available in numerous shapes and sizes, they can be linked together to create a larger area of coverage.