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Architectural Design Intent Meets Buildability

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Versatile Structures is proud to have been involved in the successful delivery of two custom-designed polycarbonate roofing shade structures for Brisbane City Council’s West End Urban Common project. Polycarbonate products are a continuously evolving area, and their lightweight yet strong qualities, high impact resistance, and thermoplastic resilience made them the ideal choice for this project.

The architectural design intent of the shade structures presented significant challenges in terms of buildability, requiring expert engineering detailing to achieve the desired outcome. The Brisbane Council Engineering team recognized Versatile Structures’ expertise and sought our assistance in bringing the design to life.

Our dedicated team provided detailed workshop drawings for all elements, including the polycarbonate and timber works. We also took responsibility for fabricating and hot dip galvanizing all the steelwork, ensuring the highest quality standards were met. Additionally, we managed the integration of electrical works within the structures, ensuring seamless functionality.

To overcome site access challenges and the complexity of steel fabrication requirements, we made the strategic decision to construct the entire structure at our fabrication facility. This approach allowed us to ensure a seamless on-site integration process on the day of installation, saving time and minimizing disruptions.

We are delighted to report that the entire project was completed within a two-week timeframe, meeting all the deadlines and standards set by Brisbane City Council. The successful collaboration between Versatile Structures and the council demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional results while maintaining strict adherence to project timelines and quality standards.

Brisbane City Council, located in the capital city of Queensland, Australia, is responsible for administering a significant portion of the Brisbane metropolitan area. As the largest local government area in Australia, the council plays a vital role in shaping the city’s infrastructure and enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

The West End, situated three kilometres southwest of Brisbane’s Central Business District, is a vibrant and culturally diverse neighbourhood. With its proximity to renowned cultural and recreational attractions such as the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art, State Library, and South Bank, it is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

Known for its relaxed eclectic vibe, the West End attracts artists, musicians, and students. The neighbourhood is culturally diverse, with Indigenous, Greek, Italian, and Chinese communities contributing to its rich tapestry. The West End is characterized by its organic, hand-made, and artisanal offerings, with weekend markets and community gardens showcasing the innovative and alternative commercial activity in the area.

By installing the polycarbonate roofing shade structures in the West End Urban Common, Brisbane City Council has not only provided much-needed shade and protection for the community but has also enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the neighbourhood. Versatile Structures is proud to have contributed to this project, supporting the council’s commitment to creating functional and visually appealing public spaces for its residents to enjoy.

In conclusion, the successful completion of the polycarbonate roofing shade structures for Brisbane City Council’s West End Urban Common project highlights the importance of expert fabric selection, meticulous engineering, and seamless project execution. Versatile Structures is honoured to have played a significant role in this project and remains committed to delivering exceptional results that meet the highest standards of quality and durability.


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