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Architectural Design Intent Meets Buildability

 Jamie Howard      In


Brisbane City Council

Timeframe to complete shade structure

2 weeks

Location of shade structure

West end Urban Common

Shade structure Challenges

  • Short turn around period
  • The site is publicly accessible
  • Intricate structural design requiring high level engineering

Materials used

  • Polycarbonate
  • Timber
  • Fabricated and hot dip galvanised steel
  • Electrical wiring

Shade structure project overview

Polycarbonate products are an ever-developing area and Versatile Structures played a key part in delivering two custom-designed polycarbonate roofing shade structures for West End Urban Common on behalf of the Brisbane City Council.

This particular polycarbonate roofing and steel project had excessive design and fabrication challenges to support the buildability of the structure, whilst achieving architectural design intent. For this reason, Brisbane Council’s Engineering team requested that we assist with the engineering detailing of the design.

We provided them with workshop drawings of all elements including the polycarbonate and timber works, fabricated and hot dip galvanised all the steelwork and managed the electrical works integration.

 Due to site access issues and the complexity of the steel fabrication requirements, we first constructed the complete structure at our fabrication facility to ensure seamless integration onsite on the day of install.

The entire build was completed in two weeks, meeting all deadlines and standards set by Council.


  • Versatile Structures Headshots

    Jamie Howard - Director

    Co-founder and Director Jamie has been hands-on in the shade and steel industry since leaving school. With over 15 years’ experience in shade, membrane and steel projects, Jamie is excited about the design opportunities shade structures offer in the commercial and industrial sectors. Jamie’s extensive design skills give him a competitive edge in situations with technical design complexity. He has won two personal industry awards for his designs, alongside many company-won awards.