External Awnings and Blinds are an excellent choice for enclosing an area to increase usability in adverse weather conditions. Outdoor awnings can be used for an array of domestic or commercial applications like outdoor café dining, patio enclosures or large Swimming Centre enclosures among many other things.

Being retractable the external awning and blinds allow the user to adapt the area to accommodate weather and changes of sunlight throughout the day, Closing the outdoor awning or blinds in harsh direct sunlight or a rain down pour allows you to still utilise an outdoor space in adverse weather conditions. Similarly, you can open up the outdoor awning or external blinds to enjoy the night sky on a beautiful summer evening or enjoy the sun on a cold winter’s afternoon.

The key to getting the full value of an outdoor awning and external blinds lies in the quality materials chosen as well as the quality of the installation. A low-quality blind may not block out enough UV or stand up to a stronger wind which means your outdoor area doesn’t get used during those times. If you are using the external awning and blinds as part of a commercial area it means your business is making less money when it rains or when there is a little more wind than is comfortable to endure.

Our access to the highest quality European design awnings and blinds ensures you receive the best possible quality and functionality available. We work with numerous ranges so we are bound to have the right solution for your external blind and awning requirements. Transform your outdoor area with Versatile Structures' durable external awnings and blinds, perfect for both residential and commercial properties.

To effectively keep cold air out during the winter months, it's generally more beneficial to invest in proper insulation, energy-efficient windows, and weatherstripping around doors and windows. Enjoy comfort and style with our premium external awnings and blinds, designed to offer superior sun protection and privacy.

A couple of outdoor awnings and blinds to consider


Folding Arm Awnings

Folding External Awnings and Blinds


Folding arm outdoor awnings allow you to open and close to get the amount of light you want as well as full protection in the rain. There are various outdoor awning options available to so you can adjust the angle of the awning to change lighting and space.

Folding arm awnings are self-supporting, which means they don’t require vertical support posts and fold away neatly.

There is also the option of manual or automatic via gearbox or motorisation and even an optional wind and sun sensor control can be provided. The awning can automatically close if the sensor detects a strong wind or open up when the sun is getting really intense.


Cassette Drop Blinds

Retractable Roof External Awnings and Blinds


Outdoor blinds are a great way to reduce some of the outdoor elements like harsh sun, strong winds and insects. By reducing some of the intensity of these outdoor elements will give your outdoor area more occupancy. This is specifically valuable when you are measuring the return on investment per table in an open air area. You can customize the level of transparency and UV protection by playing with the density of the mesh.


Clear PVC Café Blinds

Clear PVC cafe blinds


Clear PVC Outdoor blinds may be a better option for your café, business or home if you want to retain your view while providing protection from the rain and wind. The PVC can also be tinted to help with glare. The great thing about clear PVC outdoor blinds is that they are child safe with no ropes, wires or cords making them perfect for a commercial installation.


Retractable Roof awnings.

Retractable Roof External Awnings and Blinds

You may be in a high wind area and prefer a solid shade structure for your external awning but still want the benefits of opening and closing the roof. A retractable roof awning with shade structure may be the perfect solution for you. It offers protection against strong rain, has integrated high power LED and can be made with lateral all glass elements. Adding some blinds to the external awning may be a great way to totally seal off an area when it is raining or having the option of dropping the blinds but keeping the awning open on a windy day to benefit from the sun and block out the wind.


Fixed Frame Hood Awnings

Fixed Frame Awning Blind


Covered hoods awnings are available in various styles like wedged, dutch and eyelid. They are a great way to protect walkways over doors and windows and when used commercially can have logos sign written giving a very professional look and enhance the building.  The covered hood is manufactured using anodised aluminium to create a custom frame awning that can have a very tight fitting fabric attached making it very strong and can cope with very adverse weather conditions. These awnings, like waterproof shade sails, are also sealed to ensure water doesn’t run down the back of the wall allowing you to keep doors or windows open in heavier rain.

Other options

  • Motorised awnings with Wind Sensors
  • Typical wind ratings at or above 40km/h.



The life span of Versatile Structures external awning blinds vary depending on how much sun and wind they are exposed to as well as how well they are maintained. If your awning for example is covered in leaf litter it will impact the lifespan of the outdoor awning or external blinds. You can roughly count on a typical lifespan of between 5 to 10+ years.


Return on investment
There are a number or factors to look at when working out a return on investment for a commercial shade structure, including retractable awnings. Variables like how much cost you save from energy bills in summer with the awning extended as well as what you save in energy bills when the awning is open to allow the sun’s warmth in during Winter will need to be factored into the calculation. Other factors that need to be included is the amount of usage the space gets, if you have a restaurant for instance is your table occupancy fuller during hot days because the awning provides shade but is also full in the evening because the awning is open and provides an open air dining experience. Read more about getting a return on investment here


Recommended applications

  • Commercial Construction Projects.
  • Premium Domestic Applications.
  • Cafes, Dining and Retail.
  • External Sun Control.