Shade structures – your questions answered

When it comes to choosing the shade structure that’s right for you, there are lots of things to consider. There’s cost, durability, colour and size to think about. And with the harsh Brisbane sun, material durability is crucial. Understanding more about shade structures will help you make an informed decision prior to purchase. Here are [...]

Commercial Waterproof Shade Structures

Considering waterproof shade structures for your commercial operation? Versatile structures provide an ideal solution. 4 Considerations for Commercial Waterproof Shade Structures: Are you looking to acquire a commercial waterproof shade structure to shield your operation from harsh weather conditions? Our commercial waterproof shade structures consist of a supporting structural framework designed to prevent fabric sag [...]

What To Consider When Deciding on Commercial Awnings

Considering getting commercial awnings for your business? Defined as a secondary covering or projection attached to the exterior wall of a building, commercial awnings can provide additional outdoor space for your customers and business. They can also enhance the aesthetics. Whether they’re for a supermarket, café, workshop or leisure centre, here are some of the [...]

5 Key Things to Consider When Deciding on A Car Park Shade Structure

Whether for a shopping centre, office or commercial construction, car park shade structures are a must in our harsh Australian climate. In new developments and public spaces, they’re a requirement. On top of protecting vehicles from sun and heavy rain, which can be more extreme in Queensland, car park shade structures also protect pedestrians and [...]

Commercial shade sails know how

INDUSTRY KNOW-HOW  Every industry has its inside story and here is ours. The domestic and commercial shade sails industry is relatively unregulated, with limited formal qualifications, or official industry training available. Training and standards generally come down to the individual shade structure businesses and their internal systems. Inexperienced operators don’t know what they don’t know [...]

Give Clients Exactly What They’re After

When the Birnies decide to do something, they like to do it well and get the right solution for the job. Based on their experience to find a reputable motor home shade supplier, Lyn Birnie offered to share their story to save others the hassle they went through. After purchasing their new Jayco motorhome, the [...]

Benefits of insulated panel roofing for Shade structures

Insulated Panel Roofing is quick to install, weather tight and highly thermally efficient making it the ideal solution for Commercial Construction projects, Cafes and Dining areas, Retail and School roofing structures where temperature control and protection from the elements are important. It also combines a thermally insulating product with spanning capabilities that minimize the infrastructure [...]

Five top tips to identify a quality shade structure

Like so many things, the quality of a shade structure lies in the details. Here are our top five quality indicators: CRAFTMANSHIP - A domestic or commercial shade sail consists of 3 elements: the shade cloth, the edging and the corners. You will identify a quality shade by its high-quality fabric that usually has a [...]

Five red flags not to ignore

Keep an eye out for these red flags when sourcing a domestic or commercial shade sail provider. Does not produce the entire shade structure. A supplier who takes care of everything from the design, fabric, steelwork, manufacturing, install and support can do a much better job with overall quality control and provide a better price [...]

Consideration factors for commercial awnings and blinds

How to know if installing a custom-designed external awning or blind is a good idea We know how extreme Australian weather conditions can be. However, that does not mean that al fresco dining with friends or the time your customers spend outdoors should be restricted. With the right external awnings and blinds, you can extend [...]

Five Times a Winner!

The Specialised Textiles Association Awards for Excellence values excellence in the Australian textiles fabrication industry and offer members the opportunity to showcase their technical skills, design excellence and innovation within the industry. In 2020 the Versatile Structures team won 5 Excellence Awards – the most awards awarded to one company in the history of the [...]

What to look for in a reputable shade structure operator

Choosing the right domestic or commercial shade structure supplier is vital to ensure your installation is delivered on time, at the agreed price, and in compliance with quality standards. When doing your due diligence, take the following in consideration: How many years' experience do they have? It takes years to understand the technical properties of [...]

Make sure you get a return on investment

Of course, you want a good deal, but it is important to know that not all domestic and commercial shade sails are equal. Making uninformed decisions on price alone can be costly in the long run.  Price is what you are asked to pay. Value is what you are willing to pay. When decisions are [...]

Shade structure know-how

Every industry has its inside story and here is ours. The domestic and commercial shade sails industry is unregulated, with no formal qualifications or official industry training required. Training and standards come down to the individual shade structure businesses and their internal systems. Inexperienced operators don’t know what they don’t know and with many simply [...]

Consider Shade in Your Project Design

Failure to consider shade a critical design aspect is an all too common mistake on new builds that will end up with under-utilised areas, too hot to play in summer. This generally leads to the installation of shade as an afterthought, which is more costly to complete because the site needs to be re-mobilised, machinery [...]

Lucent Project Progress

Progress Update: Lucent Newstead Progress is tracking very well on a new 18 story build in Newstead for Torre Developments. This week we reached a milestone having achieved PC on the Southwestern elevation of the build, still to come are Northeastern, Southern and Northern faces along with some completion works on the East and West [...]

Aluminium Products

Aluminium is attractive, affordable and corrosion resistant! The perfect material to be used on the coast. The Cova Hope Island project was a 60 townhouse project on the Gold Coast of Queensland. Aluminium Products like Aluminium Gates and screens are a good long term investment if you consider the fact that it is corrosion resistant and […]

Carpark Shade Structures

Carpark Shade Structures, a worthy investment. When Designed correctly they are robust and attractive! Why our Carpark Shade Structures are best Reinforced and Adequate Footings. Footings are the most critical element of a structure, See earlier posts in our blog. Footings must be engineered and take into account specific soil conditions of the site during the […]

Strength Starts Below Ground

Footings are the most critical element of any structure. Footings if done right, Never Fail! Why our footings are best Reinforced Cages and Adequate Footing Size. Proper Cage Reinforcement is critical, concrete is inherently weak without adequate steel reinforcement. Footings Must also be of an adequate size to counter forces applied into them. Ensure the correct […]

Networking Be Afraid

Why building a strong network is important and Versatile Structures are strong here. Networks are a sign of Strength With a strong network the difficult becomes easy Most Companies are afraid to Network. This is usually due to some pretty common fears. Afraid of losing IP Afraid of losing tips of the trade Afraid of others stealing their […]

Why Use Cheap Thread?

Why Use Cheap Thread? Answer…. There’s a simple reason why some companies use cheap thread. 1. Re-stitching… Smaller companies love the fact that you may call them back in 2 or 3 years’ time to get them to come back out to re-stitch the shade sails they installed. This keeps their install team busy and […]

Bunnings Bundamba Complete

Completion of Shade Sails achieved by Versatile Structures Bunnings Bundamba Nursery Shade Sails Today we completed this uniquely Australian Project Great day for the team today, I often have people ask how do you get them to go up first time and its simple, diligence. Being controlled enough to not leave site early and get […]

Live Action Bunnings Bundamba

Coming from site today at Bundamba in Ipswich, Outer western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In the middle of installing a large amount of shade sails, shade cloth. Shade sails when designed correctly, go up first time and last forever, resist UV and weather impacts. This project is for the new Bunnings Bundamba site, head contractor […]