Insulated roof panels, also known as sandwich panel roofing, is a highly effective solution for roofing, ceiling, and insulation all in one. This revolutionary product is weather-tight and thermally efficient, making it a great choice for those in Australia who experience harsh weather conditions. The panels have a high insulation R-value and are made from non-combustible steel, making them a must-have for areas prone to wildfires. Choose Versatile Structures for your insulated panel roofing needs and enjoy energy savings, weather resistance, and a sleek, modern aesthetic.

One of the biggest benefits of insulated roofing is its quick and easy installation process. Unlike traditional roofing, there is no need for additional structural support, such as purlins, beams, trusses, mesh, sarking, insulation, and plasterboard. With a higher spanning capability and less structural support required, insulated panel roofing is a cost-effective solution that is both streamlined and strong.
In addition to its functional benefits, insulated panel roofing is available in a range of designs, custom modular widths, finishes, and colours, providing great design flexibility to customize your roof to suit your specific aesthetic requirements.
When selecting insulated panel roofing, it is important to consider the thickness of the insulation based on the properties of your building. And, as always, quality is key - be sure to invest in insulated metal panels that will guarantee the performance of your roof and maximize your return on investment.


Types of insulated panel roofing

Sandwich panel roofing can be installed on a wall or roof and the types vary according to their sound insulating performance, their response to fire and weight as well as the thermal insulating material used as the core: which include

  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) or rigid cellular plastic
  • mineral wool and
  • polyurethane (PIR) or polyisocyanurate which is thermoset plastic produced as a foam


The lifespan of insulated panel roofing

In addition, the load carrying capacities must be calculated correctly based on the load they will carry, the design, technical specification of product components, and the environmental conditions all impact the longevity of the panels. Checking, cleaning, and maintaining insulated panel roofing at least once a year will contribute to its lifespan.

Roof Designs are suited to free standing, fly over, gable, attached skillion and two storey builds. Whether it be a freestanding structure, or connected to existing, we will be able to tailor a solution to suit your needs. Allow us to make your insulated panel structure a reality.

If Insulated panel costs are higher than your budget, our custom shade solutions include a standard metal roof option, outdoor awnings, external awning blinds, heavy-duty Shade sails in Brisbane and more. We cover commercial, industrial, and residential shade solutions from Brisbane to Australia wide and New Zealand.

Insulated roof panels, including insulated polycarbonate roof panels, are known for their energy efficiency and ability to maintain stable indoor temperatures, making them a popular choice for commercial, industrial, and residential roofing applications.


Insulted panel colours
Insulated panel roofing for Australia typically comes in a variety of colours, including standard colours such as white, beige, and grey, as well as a range of other colours depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers may also offer a custom colour matching service for an additional cost. The availability of specific colours may also vary depending on the type of insulated panel roofing and the location where the product is being purchased.


Key benefits of Insulated Panel roofing

  • High thermal insulation and fire-resistant properties
  • High sound reduction properties
  • Large Colorbond colour range
  • Smooth underside finishes available
  • Waterproof structures only
  • Highly durable to all weather conditions
  • Complete Design and Construct Service
  • Typical Lifespan 20+ years


Recommended applications

  • Commercial Construction Projects
  • Patios, Carports, Glass room enclosures, Pergolas, Verandas
  • Cafes, Dining and Retail
  • School roofing
  • Outdoor public seating


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