All the colours shown in this guide has been chosen by Dulux for their exterior durability and fade resistance.

Interpon D1000 is high durable powder coating developed on in-house resin technology providing an ideal finish for all external applications.

The colorbond steel range of designer colours offer a classic and contemporary palette to enhance the beauty of every style.


The Precontraint 502 satin range from Serge Ferrari offers maximum creativity with a unique satin finish to give a modern look to your project. With a palette of over 40 colours to choose from.

The Precontraint 782 S2 range by Serge Ferrari offers dimensional stability with good UV resistance and high mechanical properties resulting in an optimum weight to strength ratio.

The Precontraint 832 S2 range from Serge Ferrari offers dimensional stability owing to the preconstraint technology which places the base- cloth fabric under bi-directional tension during manufacturing.

The Precontraint 902 S2 range from Serge Ferrari offers a PVDF fabric that is great for mobile or permanent structures as well as being weldable with 0% UV Transmission.

The Texylcop from Serge Ferrari utilises the operational cycling chain of secondary raw materials of high intrinsic value compatible with multiple processes.

The Precontraint TX30 from Serge Ferrari is best suited for major construction projects, tensile roofs as well as large free span structures.

The Soltis 86 and 92 by Ferrari Architecture have micro ventilation that regulates the sun’s heating effects. When placed on windows they absorb and reflect back up to 97% of the sun’s heat.

The Verseidag TXA-F product series is a is a further developed PVC membrane with outstanding colour stability and above average light transmission.

Hiraoka G3500 is a PVC coated fabric with glass fibre cloth. It has a fluorine lacquer top surface for ease of cleaning and excellent weather resistance.

Valmex FR 580 is a lightweight, strong and versatile PVC that has a PVDF lacquer on the top side combined with fungicide and offers a low-wick finish.

Valmex Mehatop F1 is a nano-titanium reinforced membrane with a doubled sided PVDF Lacquer. The composite material has special densely woven low-wick yarns in the fabric.

Hiraoka Architectural membranes are designed to provide outstanding performance and are aesthetically pleasing.


Extreme 32 HDPE knitted extra heavy duty shade fabric by Rainbow Shade provides exceptional strength and protection. It is also compliant  with Australian Standard 4174

Z16 shade fabric by Rainbow Shade provides the ultimate in solar protection, is fire rated and comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

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The Monotec 370 series is the only commercial shade cloth developed in Australia by Pro-Kint Industries.  Montec 370 is the only shade cloth that will retain its permanent shape and design.

Polyflex is a heavy duty knitted shade cloth and utilize the best UV stabilizers from BASF. It has been heat set to have less shrinkage and offer very high UV protection

Extrablock has a 16 gauge mono yarn and tape construction making it a  high tensile shade cloth with a 320 gsm and purpose engineered to meet the highest fire resistance performance.

Valmex® Car Park Plus™ has been developed exclusively by Mehler for the commercial car park market in Australia. Meeting all the technical requirements of the majority of retail clients, with an impressive 300cm width and backed by a 15-year warranty, designed to perform in rugged Australian conditions

Solarblock™ HDPE mono-tape construction is high tensile shade cloth with a 12 year UV warranty. High UV and equal stretch warp and weft, Solarblock™ is the right choice for all your light weight shade solutions where versatility meets performance.