Signage is critical to a business and essential to its operation. It is a visual display that brands a business, conveys information, points customers to exact locations, and a subtle, yet powerful marketing and sales tool.


Shopping malls, private businesses, residential complexes, and government agencies recognise the power of well-designed and positioned signage – not only from a marketing and brand recognition perspective, but also as it provides a positive customer experience with your brand by making your business easy to find while also developing a memory for its location.


It goes without saying that signage that are inappropriately sized, located, or constructed have negative consequences. A study done in by FedEx confirmed that most customers (52%) do not enter a business if the signage is poorly designed or difficult to read.


We believe signage is a significant investment in your business and must effectively advertise its location, provide clear information and excellent brand recognition. Signage that are architecturally attractive contribute to the retention and enhancement of the area it is located in.


Types Of Signage

With many types of designs to choose from, signage options mainly cover digital, informational, and outdoor solutions.


Digital Signage

The largest curved digital billboard structure in the southern hemisphere were manufactured and installed by Versatile Structures

Digital signage provides the advantage of instant messaging changes and attracts more attention due to the dynamic nature of moving images.

At Versatile Structures, our expertise lies in crafting tailor-made signage solutions. For instance, we seamlessly integrated a 9-ton curved steel structure with 108 digital screens for an eye-catching installation in Newmarket, Brisbane.
Additionally, we proudly contributed to the creation of the largest vertically curved advertising screen in the southern hemisphere. Our involvement included steelwork fabrication and cladding, as well as the installation of custom illumination lightboxes and LED screens. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering versatile and impactful signage solutions. See one of our latest projects, the Springfield Lake Billboard.


Informational Signage

Informational signage for Caboolture to Wamuran Rail Trail designed, manufactured, and installed by Versatile Structures

Informational signs assist in navigating the way around buildings or outdoor areas. When customers and visitors can effortlessly find what they are looking for, they have a positive experience with your brand, tend to spend more time in the store and are more likely to return.


Outdoor Signage

The Village Green housing complex entrance signage is custom designed, manufactured, installed by Versatile Structures

Outdoors signage, like entrance signage to a housing complex, places your identity on your premises and are the single most important type of signage your business needs.


Custom branded outdoor dining solution for The Coffee Club designed, manufactured, installed by Versatile Structures

Branding can also act as signage and incorporated in a shade structure design, like we did for the Coffee Club for which we won a Specialized Textile award.


As is with all construction of structures, signage also requires a permit irrespective of whether the sign is being reconstructed, enlarged, extended, moved, or structurally altered. The Zoning Enforcement Officer must approve the permit. All signs must conform to the stipulated provisions as well as any other conditions or limitations that may be imposed by the Commission in connection with, the approval of a site development plan or special permit. Versatile Structures will assist in helping with all permits required.


At Versatile Structures we specialise in custom digital, informational and outdoor signage solutions. We ensure the signage is structurally sound, have a standout factor while complementing its surroundings, and is delivered on time. We assist with the engineering detailing, fabrication of steelwork, cladding, paint finishes and installation including lightboxes and LED screens.