Waterproof Shade Sails

High-quality waterproof shelter for your restaurant, café, deck, pergola, driveway, carport and more

Many of our customers consider waterproof shade sails as a cost-effective alternative to building roofing onto existing buildings. Our waterproof shade sails are architecturally designed with an aesthetic shape that seamlessly integrates with surrounding structures and landscapes of your environment.


PVC Tension Membranes

Restaurant waterproof structure designed, manufactured, and installed by Versatile Structures

Our PVC tension membranes offer a completely waterproof shade sail solution creating a wonderful shade feature that looks great and blends into your restaurant, outdoor dining, café, or outdoor business area no matter what the weather. You and your customers will enjoy 100% shade and rain protection all year round.


Custom design

Waterproof pool shade structure designed, manufactured, and installed by Versatile Structures

We specialise in custom designed and engineered high-quality outdoor waterproof shade solutions for commercial buildings like shopping centres as well as, childcare centres, schools, and landscape areas, as well as high-end residentials. Our waterproof shade sails are made from the highest quality PVC membranes and are guaranteed to provide quality UV protection, durability and strength for long-term waterproof shelter and shade.


Waterproof Shade Structures vs Shade sail structures

As the name suggests, a waterproof shade structure offers both protection from rain as well as UV protection, while a shade structure only provides UV protection. The main difference between the two options is the specialist fabric used overhead. If you are unsure which option more accurately meets your needs, learn more here about the differences between waterproof shade structures and shade sail structures



There are a range of different waterproof shade fabrics, and each type has various qualities as well as an array of colours. For instance the Serge Ferrari Precontaint satin range has a 100 colours to choose from.

Similarly the steel fabrication is powder coated and there are a plethora of colours to choose from as you can see from Interpon’s industrial design colour range. These colour options are just a taste of your available colours. There are many more giving you the opportunity to get the exact colour combination for your waterproof shade project.


Waterproof shade structure environments

Waterproof shade sails and waterproof structures are ideal for:

  • Over swimming pools
  • Outdoor dining areas like restaurants and cafés
  • Over pergolas, decks, or patios
  • BBQ areas
  • Courtyards and backyard areas
  • Playgrounds in schools, childcare centres
  • Council parks
  • Bus stops
  • Carparks and driveways
  • Sporting facilities
  • And much more!


Material used

Besides using the best waterproof shade fabrics and powder coating, we use Australian made galvanised steel posts which are over-engineered. We also use footings that meet or exceed building codes to ensure that our waterproof shade sail structures do not fail.

Our team has years of experience helping hundreds of clients install waterproof shade structures that will meet your needs and look fantastic.


Australian made

Australian made

Our commercial umbrellas are proudly Australian made in Brisbane. We use the best materials possible to ensure durability.


Licensee ID number: 15969




We have won numerous national awards for both domestic and commercial waterproof shade structures over the last five years. Our awards are in recognition of the challenging environments we have installed shade structures in, as well as the custom designs that were required for the various environments.

Versatile Structures can deliver a complete design and construction solution, including all Building approvals, engineering requirements, Project Management, Installation, and commissioning of electrical aspects, in either Shade cloth or Waterproof PVC Membrane options. Let us know your specific requirements and we will advise how we can best assist you with your project.




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