Custom Shade Sails Brisbane

Commercial Shade sails, or sun sails, are minimal maintenance solutions that are cost-effective for providing shade and UVR protection to any outdoor area. For this reason, shade sails are ideal for playgrounds, council parks, childcare centres, commercial applications, domestic applications, and sporting clubs. Shade sails in Brisbane provide stylish and effective sun protection for your outdoor spaces, and Versatile Structures offers a wide range of options to suit any need.

Types of shade sails

Shade structures should be considered as an investment and asset as they transform a property and increase its value. With many diverse types of shade sails solutions to choose from, it is ideal to engage a specialist and ensure the solution you are after will not only meet your functional and aesthetical requirements, but also offer sufficient cover and protection.

Here is an overview of high-quality shade sails, that can be made from waterproof (PVC) or fabric.

Waterproof shade sails can be water resistant and offer protection only from light rain, or completely waterproof or leak-proof, even in torrential downpours. They are lower maintenance solutions, as most waterproof shade sails are self-cleaning, using the rainwater to clean themselves. Waterproof shade sails are also effective at blocking out the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Waterproof shade structure manufactured, and installed by Versatile Structures


Retractable shade sails are flexible shade solutions that can open or close manually or electronically as needed, to keep outdoor areas comfortable all year round. Domestically they are perfect for alfresco areas, while commercially cafés and restaurants can extend their footprint with this solution.

Royal George Hotel awning structure installed by Versatile Structures


Shade sails can block out up to 99% of harmful UVR rays from the sun, providing they are of a quality grade. Shade sails are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with UV additives that either reflect or absorb UV rays, while lower-quality shade cloths from hardware stores offer lesser UVR protection. Also, lower quality shade cloths do not as long as shade cloths with monofilament weave, which is a quality feature to look out for.

Shade sail installed by Versatile Structures


Fixed shade sails can span large distances without support structures and are ideal for commercial car park shading as well as other custom commercial requirements like covering swimming pools or grandstands. Our commercial shade sails are built to last and withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Fixed shade sail designed, manufactured, and installed by Versatile Structures


Custom shade sailsrequire a site inspection and are designed by a draftsman who considers the location, overall shape, and 3D geometry while the install team ensures the install posts are secure and every measurement is accurate to the nearest millimetre. Custom shade sails have grown in popularity in Brisbane as property owners have seen the value in having a sturdy and dependable shade sail. We believe Brisbane specifically has grown as it deals with some extreme weather from really hot, high winds as well as high rainfall. Read more about our custom domestic shade solutions.

Custom made shade structure, design and installed by Versatile Structures at Pacific Fair

The lifespan of shade sails

The lifespan of waterproof shade sails, like any other shade structure, can vary depending on several factors. A good quality shade sail structure and regular maintenance program which includes visual inspections and annual re-tensioning will add to the maximum lifespan of your investment. Quality shade sails in Brisbane can have a lifespan of up to 30 years and come with up to a 15-year warranty, even in harsh weather conditions experienced in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

Thanks to the advancements in fabric manufacturing, our fabric structures are custom-built using high spec International, European, and Australian materials that offer long-lasting durability and performance. All Versatile Structures shade sails and shade solutions are engineered and designed with a long life in mind. We use only the finest quality architectural fabric materials with exceptionally durable steel at their core.

Fire performance

Other than considering how much protection you want from UV radiation another important consideration for the shade fabric you choose is how resistant the shade cloth is to fire. Older shade cloth hasn’t had the best reputation for being a great fire retardant. All Versatile Structures' shade cloths are tested to AS1530 Parts 2 &3 use a fixed flame in contact with the fabric and measure radiant heat near a fabric to determine its flammability, ignition, spread of flame, and smoke-developed index ranges. To read more about fire performance here.

Key benefits of our Shade Sails

  • Cost-effective options from $5,000
  • Engineered to specific site conditions
  • Custom fabricated to exact design specifications
  • Steel coatings to suit site-specific conditions
  • Highest quality materials and products used
  • 10-to-15-year warranty

Time frame

As with any building project, there are factors like weather and council approval that can impact the timeframes of a project. All things considered, the average shade structure project takes around 12 weeks to complete. For a full breakdown of how the 12 weeks is made up read our article “How much time to allow for a custom shade project

Australian made

Our Shade sails are proudly Australian-made in Brisbane. We use the best materials possible to ensure durability. For tailored solutions, Versatile Structures specializes in custom shade sails in Brisbane, designed to fit your specific requirements perfectly.


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Shade sail repairs

A properly installed shade structure with quality shade fabric should last for a number of years without needing to be adjusted however as we all know the weather in Brisbane and the surrounding areas like Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast can see some pretty high winds. The highest recorded gust is 263km/h in Queensland. If your shade structure is in need of retention or fixing a tear there are a couple of options available. Learn more about what to do about shade sail damage here

Recommended shade structure applications

  • Domestic
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Landscaping
  • Schools
  • Childcare Centres
  • Car parks

Shade Sail Fabrics and Colours

Shade structure colours

Versatile Structures Shade Sail Solutions

Versatile Structures has an excellent reputation for creating high-quality and long-lasting custom domestic and commercial shade sails, fit for Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast’s harshest weather conditions.

Our team’s experience working within this region and award-winning shade sail designs will ensure you receive the most effective and structurally sound shade sail Brisbane solutions possible. With our sail shade in Brisbane expertise, we can create any shape imaginable and ensure you will enjoy your custom shade sail structure long into the future.

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Custom shade sails in Brisbane offer several benefits compared to off-the-shelf or standard shade sail options.

In summary, custom shade Brisbane sails offer the advantage of tailored design, precise fit, and enhanced aesthetics, making them a versatile and functional shading solution for a wide range of applications, from residential properties to commercial spaces.