Trust Versatile Structures for a Quality Sneeze Guard

Are you looking for options for a durable and well-made sneeze guard? Turn to the team at Versatile Structures. With years of experience in the industry, we commit ourselves to provide you with an excellent selection of sneeze guards. …read more

Create a Large Shade Area with a Commercial Shade Cloth from Versatile Structures in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast

From patios and awnings to swimming pools and beyond, shade cloths are everywhere. Sometimes, they may appear as residential solutions, providing small spots in a yard where homeowners and their guests can enjoy the outdoors without …read more.

Avoid Hidden Costs with Brisbane Commercial Shade Structures from Versatile Structures

Does your commercial architectural building plan include a shade structure or two? If you are trying to plan material costs and get the best structures possible, it can sometimes be difficult to get a straight answer from third party companies …read more.

Contact Us Today for Commercial and Industrial Awnings in Brisbane

If you’re the owner of a large factory, you can bet that your employees wish they didn’t have to sit in a hot car after finishing work, but there’s nothing you can do about the hot spells in Brisbane. You probably wish you didn’t have to leave …read more.

The Benefits of Commercial and Industrial Awnings in Gold Coast

Running a large factory or managing an office complex has never been easy, and now, it’s arguably harder than ever thanks to globalisation and the increased competition here in Gold Coast. However, if you want to protect your profits, you …read more.

Versatile Structures Offering Commercial Industrial Awnings on the Sunshine Coast

Running an outdoor-based retail or commercial business on Australia’s Sunshine Coast is no walk in the park considering how unpredictable the weather can be throughout the year. One day, the harsh sun is beating down on your business, and …read more.

Understanding the Benefits of Commercial Shade Cloths and Other Shading Solutions in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, or Brisbane

If you are working on a commercial construction project in Australia that includes outdoor spaces, it’s important to weigh the potential need of shade for those areas. Outdoor spaces—from dining patios at restaurants to outdoor athletic …read more.

Buy Commercial Shade Sails in Brisbane for Your School or Car Park Today

If you run a school in Brisbane, whether you’re the head teacher or on the board of directors, you have a responsibility to ensure student safety. While keeping people out of harm’s way includes taking hygiene in the kitchen seriously and …read more.

Find the Right Commercial Shade Sails in Gold Coast for Your School Car Park

As the head teacher of a school with hundreds or even thousands of students in Gold Coast, you have more responsibilities to stay on top of than you can even count. You need to ensure your school has ample resources to teach pupils …read more.

Add Commercial Outdoor Shade Sails to Your Sunshine Coast Car Park or School

There is no shortage of sunshine on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. If you run a business with a car park or a school – anything with a large, outdoor area – you have experience with just how harsh that hot sun can be. At a car park during an …read more.

Why You Can Count on Versatile Structures for Top-Tier Commercial Shade Structures in Gold Coast

If you are looking for a business in Gold Coast that provides top-quality commercial shade structures, you simply can’t beat Versatile Structures. Between the incredible structural integrity of our designs and our passion for developing …read more.

Energy Saving Tips for Brisbane Schools Including School Awnings by Versatile Structures

Schools use a large amount of energy daily. Making an effort to conserve as much energy as possible benefits you and your students in several ways. It not only helps protect the environment, keeping the planet healthy for the next generation …read more.

Benefits of School Sun Shades and Shade Sails in Brisbane

Organisations such as schools that work with children know the importance of protecting them at all times. However, protection from the harsh Australian sun is sometimes overlooked. School sun shades in Brisbane offer many benefits to keep …read more.

Why Sun Shades are Necessary for Brisbane Parks and Schools

Children are our future. Keeping them safe, healthy, and happy is quite important. Keeping them safe, healthy, and happy while they are outside at their schools or playing in parks is even more important because of all the negative effects caused …read more.

Taking Care of Sun Shades for Schools and Parks on the Gold Coast

Sun shades provide protection against the sun’s harmful rays and make any outdoor area much more comfortable in the summertime. You can get the most out of sun shades for parks on the Gold Coast by cleaning and maintaining them properly. Sun …read more.

Sun Safety for Kids and Where to Find Sun Shades for Parks and Schools on the Sunshine Coast

Did you know that Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world? Sadly, thousands of Australians die each year from this preventable disease. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself …read more.

In Sunshine Coast? Commercial Shade Structures Can Protect Against the Harsh Sun

If you’ve lived on Australia’s Sunshine Coast for more than a few months, it’s impossible not to have noticed two things: how hot and sunny it can be as well as how much rain and stormy weather there is throughout the year. Because of the …read more.

Benefits of Commercial and Café Umbrellas and Where to Find MakMax Umbrellas in Brisbane

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Choosing the Best Commercial, Café, or MakMax Umbrellas for Your Gold Coast Business

If you’re in the market for commercial umbrellas on the Gold Coast, then you are aware of their many benefits: they look fantastic, provide shade and shelter, and they’re a great way to tie together dedicated spaces for eating …read more.

Versatile Structures: MakMax Suppliers and Installers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast Australia

When you need a commercial umbrella, not just any umbrella or shade structure will do. For the best quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, choose a MakMax umbrella from Versatile Structures. We are your MakMax …read more.

Use Custom Aluminium or Fabric Facades to Provide Architectural and Functional Advantages for Your Next Brisbane Building Projects

Aluminium facades are becoming increasingly popular for major building projects throughout Australia and around the world. Architects rely on these facades for a variety of reasons, from the stylistic to the functional. Aluminium facades look …read more.

Achieve Greater Building Ventilation, Heat Control and Aesthetic Quality with Commercial Aluminium Ventilation Louvres from Brisbane’s Versatile Structures

At Versatile Structures, we work with a wide variety of architects and construction teams to create custom building facades for their projects. These facades provide a host of benefits—ranging from temperature control to creativity in architectural …read more.

Rain or Shine, Architectural Fabric Structures Such As Custom Commercial Shade Awnings Can Make a Difference in Brisbane

The power of the sun is no joke, and in Australia especially, we must take care to ensure we adequately protect ourselves. For those representing businesses investigating the role commercial fabric structures in Brisbane can play for their …read more.

Control Your Business Environment in Brisbane With Custom Made Retractable Awnings and Roofing Systems: How a Fabric Roof Can Make a Difference

The sun is not always kind to Australia; indeed, scorching heat and searing ultraviolet rays cause more than their fair share of problems. Playground equipment in local parks can warm to troublesome temperatures, patrons could skip visiting …read more.

Versatile Structures Are Now Your Suppliers and Installers for Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh Facades in Brisbane

At Versatile Structures, we have always prided ourselves on our versatility. With an extensive product range that has only continued to expand over the years, we have been able to provide shade, roofing and façade solutions to schools …read more.

Turn to Versatile Structures for Mesh Repair and Awning Repair to Save Money

With summer creeping up, it’s vital to ensure that your home or business has the right shade coverings to enjoy the sunny days without getting burnt to a crisp. When in working order, an awning or shade is a fantastic benefit, reducing the …read more.

Are You Dealing with Aluminium Screen Damage on Your Building? Call Versatile Structures for Screen Repair in Brisbane

At Versatile Structures, one of our main focuses is on installing aluminium façade screening on commercial buildings and residential or townhouse developments. These screens are generally extremely durable and can provide benefits to our clients …read more.

What to Do about Shade Sail Damage and Repairs in Brisbane?

When you shop with Versatile Structures for shade sails in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, we work hard to deliver high quality and long-lasting solutions. We know that our clients are looking for shade sails that can stand up to the …read more.

Repair Your Shade Sails After a Nasty Brisbane Storm by Using Versatile Structures

You know how harsh conditions can get in Brisbane from time to time. To protect your employees, you installed a shade sail, and it made a huge difference. Extra comfort and fewer sunburns make things better for both your employees and your …read more.