Benefits of insulated panel roofing for Shade structures

Benefits of insulated panel roofing for Shade structures

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Insulated Panel Roofing is quick to install, weather tight and highly thermally efficient making it the ideal solution for Commercial Construction projects, Cafes and Dining areas, Retail and School roofing structures where temperature control and protection from the elements are important. It also combines a thermally insulating product with spanning capabilities that minimize the infrastructure required to support the roof and making it a streamlined yet strong structure. If you are unsure whether to install insulated panels for roofing or not, here are some of the benefits to consider:

Easy Installation

Installing traditional roofing panels is time-consuming as it consists of many individual elements like the framework, insulation, roof decking, membranes, and roofing method of choice, while insulated panel roofing combines most of the above elements into one product, making it easier and faster to install. In addition, the panel design interlocks with each other which results in a seamless roof surface.


Although the cost of insulated roofing panels may not always work out cheaper, with less time and labour involved when it comes to the install, this type of roof solution will reduce the cost of the overall project. There are also long-term savings to consider, as insulated panels have a longer lifespan compared to standard roof insulation, with suppliers offering products with a lifespan from 20 years to the lifetime of the building.

Energy Efficient

Insulated panel roofing combines the weather-protection of standard roofing with high thermal insulation properties into one product. The panels’ excellent R values and thermal performance ensures better insulation and thermal comfort than other roofing options. Your property will be kept warm in winter and cool in summer and as a result, you’ll be leaving a much smaller carbon footprint by spending less on air-conditioning or heating bills.

Design Flexibility

Insulated panel roofing offers a greater degree of flexibility than many other roofing solutions, as they can be customised for vertical or horizontal installation. Available in a range of designs and a large colour range, you will have all the options you need to customize your roof to suit site-specific aesthetic requirements.

Fire Resistant

Depending on the performance requirements, the core Insulated Roofing Panels can be either consist of a flame retardant expanded polystyrene core manufactured to Standard AS1366.3, or fire-rated XFLAM, Polyisocyanurate or Mineral Wool core. Polystyrene core can be highly combustible if given a reasonable flame source, while natural fibre wool can be hard to source and very costly as it’s still in early day investment.

Since they are made from a minimum of 30% recycled steel, insulated panel roofing is recyclable and reusable at the end of its life.

Whether you have a freestanding structure or connected to an existing structure, Versatile Structures can tailor a solution to your individual needs. Allow us to make your insulated panel structure a reality.


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