Australia Zoo

Timeframe to complete shade structure

15 Days

Location of shade structure

Beerwah in Queensland

Shade structure Challenges

  • Short turn around period
  • The site is publicly accessible
  • The shade structure needed to look like a makeshift camp
  • Limited access meant digging by hand
  • Crocodiles being released and had to help with carrying the reptiles

Materials used

  • Bullduct Canvas 120z
  • galvanised steel
  • Concrete

During the last stages of a vast landscaping upgrade, Australia Zoo had the inspiration for a themed structure that represents an Australian outback camping scene. Our team had only 15 days to turn the project around from initial site inspection to design. manufacture and install, which meant we are going the extra mile to not let our client down.

After numerous site inspections, hand sketches and many discussions, a basic design intent was established. From there we spent a good deal of time in CAD to create an irregular and asymmetrical design that enhanced the appearance of a makeshift camp. The concept was also brought to life with a 3D model to ensure we can accurately realise our client’s vision.

To add to our deadline challenge, the site had limited access – we had to excavate the footings by hand and wheelbarrow concrete in 75m from where our truck was parked. There was also no time to adjust the fabric, so the post-install had to be perfect. The angles on the posts were all digitally set and measured against the 3D model, set into foundations, and temporarily braced and adjusted to ensure they would meet the fabric form when it arrived on-site.

To top it, the final installation coincided with the crocodiles being introduced to their new enclosure. Our team needed to pause works multiple times to keep noise levels down and even assisted with carrying the largest crocodile into the enclosure! Although not fabric related, this is not out of the ordinary, as no job is too big or complicated for our champion team.

Fabric: Bullduct Canvas 120z