Understanding the Benefits of Commercial Shade Cloths and Other Shading Solutions in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, or Brisbane

If you are working on a commercial construction project in Australia that includes outdoor spaces, it is important to weigh the potential need of shade for those areas. Outdoor spaces – from dining patios at restaurants to outdoor athletic courts at large fitness and sporting facilities – have their pros and cons. On the one hand, these features are often beautiful and can add interest and appeal to the establishment in question. On the other hand, they expose customers and users – from dining patrons to athletes – to Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

Incorporating Shade Solutions into Your Environment

At Versatile Structures, we provide a range of shading solutions – from shade sails to commercial shade cloths – to the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and broader Australia regions.

If you are working on a commercial outdoor project or a project that has outdoor elements, you may like to contact our team to explore ideal shade solutions for those spaces. A well-designed shade solution will provide architectural finishes that enhances the value of your project, as well as add to the appeal and usability of outdoor spaces by protecting customers, patrons, or employees from Australia’s harsh weather conditions year-round.

When it comes to shading outdoor areas around your commercial project, the number one focus is obviously about the safety and comfort of the people that will be using those spaces. There is not much benefit to having outdoor seating or recreation areas if no one can use them without overheating in the glare of the sun.
However, it is also smart to consider shading solutions to protect your company assets. Just like parking a car outside in the beating sun or pounding rain is likely to damage its paint job (among other negative effects), leaving tables, chairs, bars, cooking implements or any other type of furniture or equipment vulnerable to the elements is a move that will prove costly overall. Considering a shade structure or commercial shade cloth for your commercial project can help keep your assets in better condition for longer.

From Commercial Shade Cloths in Sunshine Coast to Shade Sails in Brisbane, Versatile Solutions Will Help You Find the Right Solution

Shading outdoor areas and large, wide-open spaces, can be somewhat of a challenge, especially if you do not have experience in incorporating shade elements into your architectural designs. Fortunately, Versatile Structures is as versatile as our brand name implies. Our experienced team can help you with a commercial shade structure in the Sunshine Coast, a shade sail design for your Brisbane sporting club project or a retractable roofing design for your new Gold Coast restaurant. We will help you identify from a range of shade sails the best solution for your needs and then create a solution that provides the ideal level of protection for people and objects alike.

Outdoor areas are ideal for work, play, conversation, and relaxation, but thanks to Australia’s harsh conditions, they can also be uncomfortable or downright unusable at certain times of the year. Working with Versatile Structures for shade sails, shade structures, commercial shade cloths and other shading solutions in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast will help you turn your outdoor space into a more welcoming, year-round environment.

Types of Commercial Shade Solutions

Shade sails are ideal for playgrounds, council parks, childcare centres, commercial applications, and sporting clubs as they offer a cost-effective solution for shading an existing area. They are also minimal maintenance and come with a 10 to 15-year warranty.

Shade structures are different from shade sails. The difference is their architecturally designed frame creates a fixed shape that are ideal for school playgrounds, landscaping projects, and council parks.

Car Park shade structures range from single and double bays to parking lots and are designed specifically for office, public space, shopping centre and hotel club parking for effective protection from sun, wind, rain, hail, and snow.

Waterproof shade structures are the ideal solution for shade or weather protection over large areas. These types of structures are more cost-effective and solid roof structures, allow natural airflow, block UV rays, and reflect heat to lower the temperature under the structure. Waterproof shade structures are popular for sports clubs, schools, council amenities, outdoor dining areas and entertaining spaces.

Commercial Umbrellas are lightweight and flexible shade solutions, with superior durability that offers unbeatable value for money. Applications include increasing the foot traffic for cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, resorts, commercial buildings, and quality residential projects.

Awnings and Blinds are retractable to allow the user to adapt to the changes of the day, opening in pleasant weather and enclosing the area during inclement weather which makes them an excellent choice for enclosing an area to increase usability in adverse weather conditions for café dining, patio enclosures, and swimming centre enclosures.

Polycarbonate roofing is lightweight, can withstand extremely low and hot temperatures and extremely strong which makes this shade solution ideal for a wide variety for solutions, including roofing, cladding, skylights, façade, and shading.

Insulated panel roofing is a sandwich pane that offers durable ceiling insulation and roof sheeting all in one. It has a low density, thermal insulating and sound reducing core with a thin skin layer (metal or polymer) bonded to each side making them ideal for construction projects, cafes, dining and retail, school roofing structures and outdoor public seating areas.

Aluminium screens are aesthetic, durable and highly- functional screens that sit flush against the exterior, while sunhoods protrude. Both commercial shade solutions are used for residential and townhouse, and low, medium, and high-rise developments.

UV Radiation
A key factor to consider with any commercial shade structure is UV radiation, not just how the shade structure will protect the users of the shade sructure from UV but also how the radiation will impact the materials used in the structure. To better understand the implications of UV radiation read read this article.
Types of shade cloth
When choosing a shade structure, it’s essential to pick the right type of shade cloth. Shade cloth is an effective way to provide shade and protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays. But it’s important to note that not all shade cloths are created equal. Some fabrics like shade sails, while providing shade, they are not waterproof. If you need a waterproof shade structure, consider using a waterproof PVC membrane as an option. Keep in mind that the right shade cloth can make all the difference in the durability and effectiveness of your shade structure.


Commercial shade systems are an investment, so to help you make sure you make the right choice for your space or project, call Versatile Structures on 0405 401 500 and we can help you select and design the perfect solution.


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Are similar to shade sails with the addition of supporting framework. This makes them less susceptible to fabric sag from heavy wind and hail.


Provide a waterproof shade solution by utilising PVC membrane fabrics, these range in warranty from 10 years to 30 years.


Shade Sails, are a cost-effective option to provide shade to an existing area.


Polycarbonate products are an ever developing area of Versatile Structures, we pride ourselves on being highly adaptable when it comes to unique design challenges that are only applicable to this type of structure.


Aluminium Screens and Sunhoods can be custom made to suit individual requirements, or prefabricated for tight construction timeframes.


Umbrellas are available in numerous shapes and sizes, they can be linked together to create a larger area of coverage.