External awning and blind solutions are so versatile

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External awnings and blinds are cost-effective shade solutions that are ideal for both commercial and domestic applications, as they provide protection from direct sunlight and can also add privacy.

The adverse weather conditions experienced in areas like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounds throughout the year results in outdoor areas not being able to fully utilised. With awnings, businesses can enhance their properties with an architectural quality solution to enlarge their footprint, and potentially also optimise their revenue.

Besides offering an enclosure to areas, awning and blind installations also increase a property’s energy efficiency as it reduces the summer glare and heat by up to 70 percent, while retaining warmth and minimising drafts and night-time radiation in winter.


Custom designed awnings unlock the hidden value in a property as they offer creative flexibility and freedom in the design, size, and style, making it easy to find the perfect solution for all outdoor areas including patios, café, al fresco dining areas, and swimming pools. 

External awning solutions are so versatile with many types to choose from to maximise any commercial and domestic outdoor area.x`

Retractable roof awnings are used for areas that get direct sun but want the option to have it retract completely out of sight when shade cover is not needed. The ability to store the awning away during storms and heavy rains contribute can extend their lifespan as they are less exposed to extremities year-round. These external roof-like solutions can be freestanding or attach to a building, retractable or fixed and used for protecting car spaces, pool covers, commercial applications, and creating outdoor dining and entertainment areas when optimal sun protection over large areas is needed. For ease of control add a wireless remote that operates the awning from anywhere and a wind sensor that automatically closes the awning when high winds are detected.

Royal George Hotel in Brisbane retractable roof awning can be completely out of sight when shade cover is not needed

Pivot and folding arm awnings (motorised and wind sensor optional) are space saving solutions that enables you to enjoy a breeze, without the direct impact of the summer sun. This practical shade solution is ideal for sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and windows that open outwards as it extends out on arms that pivot to easily adjust the angle of the awning that allows you control of how you want the shade. For ease of control a wireless remote can be added to operate the awning from anywhere, as well as a wind sensor that automatically closes the awning when high winds are detected.

A 4m x 3m projection acrylic canvas folding arm awning is the perfect solution control how you want the shade

Fixed frame hood awnings are perfect for when a permanent solution is required like shop fronts, residential properties, and to protect doorways and entrances. Available in acrylic and mesh, fixed frame awnings are an all-weather solution that adds flair to any commercial space and include the option to feature your company name and logo. 

Yamanto Central Patisserie’s internal fixed frame awning in grey French stripe designed, manufactured, and installed by Versatile Structures.


External blinds are ideal ways to extend outdoor living areas without compromising the view as they manage the intensity of natural light, heat, and sun radiation. 

PVC Café Blind commercial shade solutions have no ropes, straps, pullies or stitching that will obstruct the view while blocking the wind and offering 20+ SPF protection from the sun. Being retractable, they allow the user to adapt to the changes of the day, opening in good weather and enclosing the area during inclement weather. Access to the highest quality European design awnings and blinds ensures you receive the best possible quality and functionality available.

Cassette Zip Track options have specially designed slotted tracks in which the blind glides smoothly that can be secured and locked in the down position.

Clear PVC Achilles Rollclear courtesy of The Nolan Group


Custom awnings provide you with the exact solution you’re after, from the fabric colour and substates, to the frame size, and finishes. Also, custom designs are made from high spec European and Australian materials that are long-lasting and durable, and superior in performance, especially in Australia’s harsh climate with architectural grade aluminium structures and marine grade stainless steel fixtures.

For this reason, custom designs don’t have a fixed price and need to be measured and quoted.

Cost does impact decisions, but when decisions are made purely on price, there will always be cheaper shade suppliers and commercial shade structure options available. When buying on price alone, also consider the long-term cost that will arise from using low quality shade sails and stitching, less durability, substandard services levels, workmanship and guarantees. Then there is also the old excuse of ‘unforeseen additional charges due to technical problems’.

For a custom shade solution, look for a reputable supplier with factory facilities and sophisticated tools like computerised fabric plotter cutters, high-power radio frequency welders and high productivity installation equipment. This makes all the difference in the finished product and means installation time is minimised as most of the pre-assembly and preparation work takes place in the factory, and not at your property.


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