Consideration factors for commercial awnings and blinds

Consideration factors for commercial awnings and blinds

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How to know if installing a custom-designed external awning or blind is a good idea

We know how extreme Australian weather conditions can be. However, that does not mean that al fresco dining with friends or the time your customers spend outdoors should be restricted. With the right external awnings and blinds, you can extend your outdoor entertaining and dining spaces and make those areas useful, even in adverse weather conditions. By erecting a shade structure, your outdoor areas become usable in all conditions, which means your customers can still enjoy your facilities and, in many instances, your revenue doesn’t have to take a knock.  Shade structures offer good practical solutions for a range of businesses including swimming centres, shopping centres, and cafés and restaurants with outdoor dining areas.

But how can you know if these structures are practically fit for your needs? Here are a few good reasons to consider in supporting your decision to install them:

Keep your customers or guests safe

Keep your customer or guests safeExternal awnings and blinds may help reduce exposure to UV rays and provide protection from external elements. Even on a cloudy day, harmful rays could cause skin damage and increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Customers and guests may feel safer and assured knowing that they can enjoy spending time outdoors when there is an appropriate shade cover overhead.

Cool your outdoor and indoor areas

Cool your outdoor and indoor areasHigh-quality awnings and blinds enable air to pass through the shaded area while reducing the amount of heat accumulated. This way, the space feels cooler and comfortable compared to when it is directly exposed to the sun. Exterior awnings and blinds also reduce the temperature inside your home or business, reducing the need for constant air conditioning.

Extend time outdoors

External awnings and blinds make your al fresco dining spaces and other outdoor areas cooler and protected from external elements, so your guests can spend more time outdoors enjoying nature and the view around them. And in case it starts to rain, guests do not have to scramble indoors. It is also a great way to get the kids out of the house.

Protect your equipment and furniture

Too much exposure to heat, UV rays, and moisture can cause fading and speed up the deterioration of equipment and furniture that are placed outdoors. You can protect and prolong their lifespan by adding awnings and blinds. See our custom solution designed for Camper and Caravans here.

Get custom-made awnings and blinds

Versatile Structures offers custom external awnings and blinds with a range of benefits, such as folding arms, clear PVC, motorised with wind sensors, and withstanding wind ratings of up 40km/h and above. Using the highest quality materials, stitching and fittings, our shade solutions are made to last and besides offering a good investment in your health, they are an excellent return on investment for your home and business.


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