Gold Coast Custom Shade And Adventure

To the south of Brisbane lies a metropolitan region known as the Gold Coast. It is famed for surfing, long beaches, elaborate waterways and some custom shade structures. The Gold coast was originally known as the South Coast as it was south of Brisbane, but over inflated real estate and other goods and services led to the nick name of the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast has much to offer and has a little something for every taste from shopping to hiking and everything in between.

Gold Coast Shopping

The Gold Coast offers a mega shopping experience through the 400 stores at the Pacific Fair. The Pacific Fair was the largest regional shopping centre until 2006 and was built on swampland. You will notice various shade structures present with a number of them being custom made for the Pacific Fair by Versatile Structures. Custom shade structures is their speciality.

Gold Coast Adventure

The Gold Coast also offers inland hiking trails in the Lamington National park however if you need something to get your heart racing check out Dreamworld, Sea World and Wet n Wild who offer endless fun as well as being recipients of some amazing custom shade structures from Versatile Structures. One of the structures is the big orange Octopus providing shade on the BRO which was the world’s first ProSlide 8-lane octopus racer. You can find the slide on the Southern border of the park.

Gold Coast Accommodation

The Gold Coast accounts for almost 25% of all the hotel rooms available in Queensland offering 13,028 rooms. Versatile Structures has erected numerous custom-made shade structures for various resorts to ensure residents are kept safe from the sun.

Gold Coast Tourism

There were over 3.7 million visitors to the Gold Coast in the year ending June 2020. This total was made up of 734,000 internationla visitors and 3 million domestic visitors which was significantly down on the previous year which had seen over 5.1 million visitors come to the region and spent over $5 billion.


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