Versatile Structures Are Now Your Suppliers and Installers for Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh Facades in Brisbane

At Versatile Structures, we have always prided ourselves on our versatility. With an extensive product range that has only continued to expand over the years, we have been able to provide shade, roofing and façade solutions to schools, government buildings, resort hotels, commercial high rises, shopping centres and many other sectors. Now, we are adding another capability to our list. Going forward, we are proud to say we will be Kaynemaile suppliers in Brisbane.

What is Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh?

Kaynemaile architectural mesh is an innovative twist on the type of facades, screens and sun shades we have long sold at Versatile Structures. According to the Kaynemaile brand, the company achieved its unique architectural mesh design by ‘reimagining two-thousand-year-old chain mail armour’ into a fresh innovation.

The resulting architectural mesh, called ‘Kaynemaile Armour,’ has numerous major benefits depending on how its use. For instance, installing a Kaynemaile façade on your Brisbane business building can drastically cut down on both radiant heat and thermal conductive heat. Said another way, it blocks roughly 70 percent of sunlight before it enters your building. The light that does make it through the mesh is enough to illuminate most buildings with natural light during the day. At the same time, the reduction in heat can significantly increase the thermal performance of your building, leading to more comfortable interior spaces and cutting down on your air conditioning bill during the hot summer months.

Kaynemaile Armour mesh even has a use in the home, as a privacy screen. In this setting, the mesh promotes the flow of natural light while limiting what neighbours and those passing by can see through the windows. Especially for homes with modern, glass-heavy architecture, using Kaynemaile mesh can be a good way to avoid the feeling that you are always on display.

Other advantages abound as well. Kaynemaile Armour is crafted from a special polycarbonate material, which is extremely strong and durable, free of corrosion and oxidisation problems, easy to clean and maintain, fire resistant and easy to customise to suit your sizing specifications. The way Kaynemaile is designed also stops wind and rain in its tracks, protecting the exterior of your building from weather-related damage.


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