Mehler Texnologies supplier to Versatile Structures

Supplier Spotlight: Mehler Texnologies®

Mehler Texnologies® - Your Trusted Partner in Technical Textiles

Welcome to the world of technical excellence and innovation with Mehler Texnologies®, a distinguished member of the Freudenberg Performance Materials family. As a globally recognized specialist in technical textiles, Mehler Texnologies® is an integral supplier to Versatile Structures, providing top-tier materials for a myriad of applications.

Global Reach and Production Excellence

Mehler Texnologies® plays a crucial role in supplying Versatile Structures with high-quality technical textiles. The company operates state-of-the-art production facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic, strategically serving both European and non-European markets. With sales companies and partners across Italy, France, Great Britain, Poland, Dubai, India, Latvia, Romania, Turkey, the USA, and more, Mehler Texnologies® ensures that Versatile Structures receives exceptional products and services.

Versatility in Applications

Versatile Structures benefits from Mehler Texnologies®' extensive expertise in technically coated textiles, which find application in a diverse array of projects. From stadium roofs and facade cladding to truck tarpaulins, sun protection solutions, tents, pool linings, and inflatable boats, Mehler Texnologies® provides the materials that empower Versatile Structures to create innovative, reliable, and high-performance solutions.

Leading Brands for Unmatched Quality

Mehler Texnologies® brings several distinguished brands to Versatile Structures, including VALMEX®, POLYMAR®, AIRTEX®, and PLASTEL®. These brands represent different qualities and manufacturing techniques, ensuring that Versatile Structures receives top-tier materials tailored to specific project requirements.

Shared Values for Lasting Partnerships

At the core of Mehler Texnologies® is a commitment to values that resonate with Versatile Structures' principles. Reliability, trust in business partnerships, and the collective experience and expertise of Mehler Texnologies® employees align seamlessly with the values that define Versatile Structures' success.

Conclusion: Elevating Versatility with Mehler Texnologies®

In conclusion, Mehler Texnologies® is not just a supplier but a crucial partner in Versatile Structures' journey toward creating cutting-edge solutions. Through unparalleled technical expertise, a global presence, and a commitment to quality, Mehler Texnologies® enriches Versatile Structures' projects with the best in technical textiles. Elevate your structures with the excellence of Mehler Texnologies®.