Moggil road advertising structure installed by Versatile Structures

Moggil Road Advertising Structure

Versatile Structures successfully completed a turnkey project for the installation of a 9m high digital billboard on Moggill Road in Brisbane. As the designer, manufacturer, and installer of the billboard, Versatile Structures leveraged its expertise to ensure that the structure was stable and had longevity.

The installation site, located on the right-hand side of Moggill Road, is highly visible to inbound traffic, making it an ideal location for businesses looking for maximum exposure. The site is also located in close proximity to Kenmore State School, Kenmore Village, and Kenmore Plaza Shopping Centres, further increasing the visibility of the billboard.

Our comprehensive approach to the design, supply, and installation of the billboard involved RTG tailoring the micro-piled foundation solution to the specific needs of the site. This ensured that the billboard not only met all relevant regulations and standards but was also structurally sound.

The end result is a highly effective advertising solution that provides businesses with the opportunity to reach the busy traffic on Moggill Road.

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