Our client’s East facing apartment needed cover from the sun, rain and when entertaining guests. Being a rooftop apartment, they were concerned about how an awning would be affected by high winds and if there was a solution to solving their challenge.

A site visit identified sun angles that projected into their living room and also made their time on the veranda uncomfortable. Our recommendation was a motorised awning with a sun/wind vibration sensor that automatically retracts and expands at the push of a button.

Our challenge was not the sunshade, but how to access their rooftop property as the awning’s two folding arms needed to be at least 4.5m long. We did a walkthrough of the fire escape stairwells and investigated all possible access routes to get the folding arm awnings into the area of works but had to break the news that building access was not possible to achieve a practical and safe installation. The awning was too big and too heavy to navigate through the tight stairwell.

Our team do not give up easily and we decided to install the awning with the help of a crane. The 80-tonne crane however needed to be set up in soft sand near a busy public beach which meant we needed to get Council approval. Our application which included detailed project drawings, workplace health and safety plans got the build approved.

Our client was so grateful that we were able to overcome so many obstacles and delivered the project on budget, without any variations and most importantly, in the timeframe that we promised – even though installation fell on the week of the worse storms on record in years. 

Fabric: Fire Resistant SPARK U150 120 – Blanc