Waterproof shade structure installed by Versatile Structures for Queensland Raceway

Queensland Raceway

Versatile Structures proudly announces the successful completion of a monumental project - the installation of a state-of-the-art waterproof shade structure at Queensland Raceway, Southeast Queensland's premier motorsport facility. Overcoming numerous challenges and constraints, our dedicated team executed this endeavour with precision, professionalism, and unwavering commitment, resulting in the timely completion of the structure ahead of a crucial raceway event.

Project Highlights:

  1. Overcoming Obstacles:

The installation of the expansive waterproof shade structure posed a series of formidable challenges. Our team demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills and resourcefulness in addressing these obstacles, ensuring a seamless implementation process. From intricate design intricacies to logistical complexities, our experts were resolute in their determination to deliver excellence.

  1. Skilled Workforce:

A highly skilled crew of 12 experienced installers formed the backbone of this project. Their collective expertise, attention to detail, and collaborative approach were instrumental in ensuring the successful realization of the waterproof shade structure. Each team member's contribution played a crucial role in meeting project milestones and quality benchmarks.

  1. Precision Crane Lifts:

The installation of the waterproof shade structure necessitated the use of two large crane lifts. Our team meticulously planned and executed these crane lifts to ensure the safe and accurate positioning of the structure. Adhering to strict safety protocols, we minimized any potential disruptions to the ongoing operations of the raceway while achieving precise placement.

  1. Tight Deadline Triumph:

With an impending raceway event on the horizon, the project timeline was tight, leaving no margin for error. The pressure was on our team to complete the installation promptly without compromising on quality. Through meticulous planning, efficient execution, and relentless dedication, we met the stringent deadline, contributing to the overall success of the event.

  1. Celebrating Success:

Our achievement has been acknowledged by Queensland Raceway, a motorsport institution synonymous with excellence and innovation. The waterproof shade structure is set to enhance the raceway's facilities, adding to its prestige and reputation. We are proud to have contributed to the enduring legacy of Queensland Raceway as a hub for motorsport development in Australia.

About Queensland Raceway:

Queensland Raceway, located just 45 minutes west of Brisbane CBD, is a paramount motorsport facility renowned for hosting national championship events and serving as the preferred testing track for the Supercars Championship. This premier venue has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of Australian motorsport and fostering champions within the industry. After undergoing extensive renovations in 2022, Queensland Raceway is poised to continue its legacy as a dynamic, innovative, and community-oriented racing destination.


The completion of the waterproof shade structure installation at Queensland Raceway by Versatile Structures signifies the harmonious fusion of skill, dedication, and precision. Our team's ability to navigate challenges, adhere to tight timelines, and uphold safety standards underscores our commitment to excellence. We are honored to have contributed to the continued success of Queensland Raceway, and we look forward to the exciting prospects this collaboration will bring to both our organizations and the broader motorsport community.


Waterproof shade structure installed by Versatile Structures for Queensland Raceway