Are You Dealing with Aluminium Screen Damage on Your Building? Call Versatile Structures for Screen Repair in Brisbane

At Versatile Structures, one of our main focuses is on installing aluminium façade screening on commercial buildings and residential or townhouse developments. These screens are generally extremely durable and can provide benefits to our clients for many years. We even rate our aluminium screens to a lifespan of 20 plus years and offer a variety of different warranty grade options to help our clients protect their buildings and overall peace of mind. However, if you find yourself contending with screen damage, know that you can always call us for repair and maintenance help.

Getting the Best out of Your Aluminium Screens: Why Good Condition Matters

Think of your aluminium façade screening as a coat of armour for your building. These powder coated aluminium screens offer sun control for your windows, retaining natural light but reducing the amount of heat getting into the building. In turn, aluminium screens can help reduce your heating or cooling needs, slashing your energy budget in the process. Versatile Structures‘ aluminium screens are also designed as a weather shield, protecting your building from the threats of UV radiation, heavy rain, wind, hail or other elemental hazards.

As with any piece of armour, damage to an aluminium screen system can significantly inhibit the system’s ability to protect your building. Once an aluminium screen is damaged or breached, it can’t offer the same protection against sunshine, rain, wind or other elements. Calling for prompt screen repair can get your system back into shape and restore the full benefits of having an aluminium façade.

Call Versatile Structures for Screen Repair in Brisbane Today

If your aluminium façade from Versatile Structures has been damaged or destroyed, you should call us right away. Don’t trust another business to repair or replace our screens. First off, you might still have an active warranty policy with us, which can save you money on your screen repair or replacement. Secondly, we fabricate every aluminium screen based on a custom design for your specific building. In replacing an aluminium screen for a specific window or part of your building, we can ensure a proper fit and a match of look and finish with the other screens already on your building.

Ideally, when you choose Versatile Structures, you won’t have to contend with screen damage in the first place. We back our screens with warranty coverage because they are designed to stand up to the harshest conditions. However, we do acknowledge that accidents and mishaps happen, and that screen maintenance will be necessary from time to time as a result. By using the same design, fabrication and material standards for repairs and replacements as we do for every other facet of our services, we deliver a structurally superior product that looks terrific as well.

Do you require screen repair in Brisbane, for your Versatile Structures aluminium façade? Alternatively, have you relied on another brand for aluminium screening in the past, only to find that the screens didn’t hold up to Australia’s tough conditions? Either way, call Versatile Structures today to learn about our screen repairs and replacements.


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