Repair Your Shade Sails After a Nasty Brisbane Storm by Using Versatile Structures

You know how harsh conditions can get in Brisbane from time to time. To protect your employees, you installed a shade sail, and it made a huge difference. Extra comfort and fewer sunburns make things better for both your employees and your customers. But even a good shade sail needs repair occasionally.

Even after a heavy storm, or if there’s an accident and your sail suffers damage, there’s no need to remove the entire thing. Instead, turn to Versatile Structures for shade repair. You’ll wind up saving money by getting it fixed instead of buying a new one. Besides, if you had the perfect shade sail for your area, you can get it back in working condition quickly.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Shade Sail Repair

If you’re weighing the options to get the shade you need where you need it, there are a few factors to take into consideration. Before deciding to replace it with a different kind of covering, look over these points to see if shade sail repair in Brisbane is the right choice for you:

  • What is the extent of the damage? If the sail is mostly intact and the damage is limited, there’s no need to replace it in whole. If you’re in doubt, we’ll be able to assess it for you and suggest the best course of action.
  • Were you happy with the shade sail before the damage? It can certainly be frustrating to have to deal with a damaged shade sail, and that frustration can make you think that a metal or other shade would be longer lasting. Though it may surprise you, our shade sails are incredibly durable and have warranties that range from 10-15 years. If the sail was right for you before, shade sail storm repair in Brisbane can get it back to working order.
  • Do you still have the same needs that prompted you to get the sail in the first place? If so, then you certainly need to get a functional solution. The most cost-effective in most cases is a repair. So, if it hasn’t been completely destroyed and it had satisfied a need that you still have, we strongly recommend that you repair the shade sail.

Experience the High-Quality Service and Products of Versatile Structures

We’re as flexible as our name suggests – we provide various solutions for businesses, homes, parks, municipal locations, and general meeting spaces. No matter how harsh the sun, we’re happy to stand between it and you so that you can enjoy the outdoors to the utmost possibility.

Our repair service is backed by our insurance and maintenance program. When you work with us, we have a four-tiered solution to keeping your shade sail in good working order. First, we offer preventive maintenance to shore up any weaknesses and catch the problem before it happens. Second, we’ll do the routine maintenance needed for those times when small parts replacement is insufficient. If your sail needs more than that, we’ll provide large-scale repairs. In those rare instances that the damage is so extensive that repairs are no longer possible, we will move to the fourth step and replace the shade.

Find out more by contacting us. If you have a damages shade sail, we’re here and ready to help.


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Are similar to shade sails with the addition of supporting framework. This makes them less susceptible to fabric sag from heavy wind and hail.


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Shade Sails, are a cost-effective option to provide shade to an existing area.


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