Stanthorpe car park shade structure installed by Versatile Structures

Stanthorpe Plaza Carpark Shade Structure

Versatile Structures is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the carpark shade structure project at Stanthorpe Plaza, nestled in the enchanting town of Stanthorpe, Queensland. This shade structure aims to elevate the visitor experience for plaza patrons.

Woolworths distinguishes itself as a prominent anchor tenant within the plaza, accompanied by other essential service tenants like a hairdresser, nail salon and cafe dedicated to serving the Stanthorpe community.

Location and Context:

Stanthorpe, renowned for its elevated vineyards, stands as a cultural hub adorned with cafes, boutique stores, and galleries. Surrounded by expansive farmlands, fruit orchards, and vineyards, the town offers a serene backdrop for exploration.

Stanthorpe is also well know for its’ granite. Notably, one of the footings required strategic installation on a granite rock, further showcasing Versatile Structures' commitment to addressing unique challenges. Versatile Structures sought to contribute to this vibrant atmosphere by introducing a meticulously designed carpark shade structure at Stanthorpe Plaza.

Key Features:

  • Monotec 370 Fabric: Our team opted for Monotec 370, an Australian-made fabric, backed by an impressive 15-year warranty. This fabric not only provides effective shade but also ensures durability and longevity in the challenging Australian climate.
  • PTFE Thread: Utilizing PTFE thread with an extended 15-year manufacturer's limited warranty adds an extra layer of quality assurance, ensuring the fabric's resilience against wear and tear.
  • SS316 Tension Hardware & Aluminium Disc Toggle Plates: High-grade SS316 tension hardware and custom swaged cable, meeting engineers' specifications, guarantee structural integrity and reliability. • Footings: Versatile Structures executed excavation as required, using 17 footings designed according to the engineer's specifications. A direct pour of a 25-20-80 mix concrete ensured a solid foundation for the structure, with one footing strategically installed on a granite rock.
  • Steelwork: Our team managed the supply and fabrication of structural steelwork, employing 250/350 grade mild steel. Plasma cutting of plates, cleats, and a hot-dip galvanized finish were applied to all steel components to enhance resilience against environmental factors.
  • Project Timeline: Meticulous planning, precise execution of steelwork fabrication, concrete pouring, and shade structure installation defined the project timeline. Versatile Structures adhered to the highest standards of quality and safety throughout the entire process.


Versatile Structures takes pride in contributing to the aesthetic and functional aspects of Stanthorpe Plaza. This carpark shade structure, featuring Monotec 370, an Australian-made fabric, and an impressive 15-year warranty on PTFE thread, not only provides shelter for visitors but also seamlessly aligns with the charm and character of Stanthorpe, creating an inviting atmosphere for everyone exploring this unique corner of Queensland.

Stanthorpe car park shade structure installed by Versatile Structures3

Stanthorpe car park shade structure installed by Versatile Structures1

Stanthorpe car park shade structure installed by Versatile Structures2

Stanthorpe car park shade structure installed by Versatile Structures4