In Sunshine Coast? Commercial Shade Structures Can Protect Against the Harsh Sun

If you’ve lived on Australia’s Sunshine Coast for more than a few months, it’s impossible not to have noticed two things: how hot and sunny it can be as well as how much rain and stormy weather there is throughout the year. Because of the region’s humid, subtropical climate, you may get burnt by the hot sun one day and drenched with rain on the next. The unpredictable weather can make planning outdoor events, organising construction projects, or even just spending time in your backyard with family extremely difficult.

Harsh sun, especially, is something that you don’t want to risk prolonged exposure to because of the damaging effects it can have on you and those around you. It is vital to your long-term health that you think about UV protection and what you can do to avoid the harmful results of ultraviolet radiation. Without good protection, radiation can negatively affect your health in multiple areas, including your skin and eyes. Whether you’re hosting an event or just have kids, who enjoy being outside, having something that can shade you from the sun’s radiation is quite necessary. If you’re on the Sunshine Coast, shade structures are something to consider.

Why Buy Shade Structures on the Sunshine Coast?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a commercial shade structure is a long-lasting shade solution made up of a steel framework that holds up a fabric cover capable of shielding anything underneath it from the sun, rain, and other harsh weather effects. The benefits of shade structures are numerous, but one of the biggest reasons to purchase a commercial shade structure on the Sunshine Coast is that it helps prevent skin cancer.

You probably know, at this point, that prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can lead to skin cancer. This is why sunscreen and hats are often recommended to help avoid sunburn, which is associated with the worst form of skin cancer, melanoma. However, sunscreen alone isn’t a perfect option for preventing sunburn. Utilising a shade structure to shield yourself from the sun’s harmful radiation is your best bet for helping stave off possible cancer-causing effects.

This is where Versatile Structures comes in. Our company offers the Sunshine Coast a commercial shade structure product line that is made of the highest quality to ensure that you and yours are shielded from these UV rays.

Why Versatile Structures?

With our commercial product line, you will get shade structures made of the best materials, including steel framework engineered for strength and long-term – 15+ years – support. You will also get fabric awnings that are specifically designed to hold up to the effects of the sun as well as other harsh weather. Whether it’s for your business, school, or park, keep those around you protected with quality shade structures, because UV protection is critical.

If your business needs sun protection, call us on 0405 401 500 or email us at for more information on all the weather protection products we offer.


Shade Sails, are a cost-effective option to provide shade to an existing area.


Are similar to shade sails with the addition of supporting framework. This makes them less susceptible to fabric sag from heavy wind and hail.


Provide a waterproof shade solution by utilising PVC membrane fabrics, these range in warranty from 10 years to 30 years.


Polycarbonate products are an ever developing area of Versatile Structures, we pride ourselves on being highly adaptable when it comes to unique design challenges that are only applicable to this type of structure.


Aluminium Screens and Sunhoods can be custom made to suit individual requirements, or prefabricated for tight construction timeframes.


Umbrellas are available in numerous shapes and sizes, they can be linked together to create a larger area of coverage.