Shade structures – your questions answered

Shade sails at Carina State School offer good protection from the sun as the fabrics used are coated with UV protective elements.

When it comes to choosing the shade structure that’s right for you, there are lots of things to consider. There’s cost, durability, colour and size to think about. And with the harsh Brisbane sun, material durability is crucial. Understanding more about shade structures will help you make an informed decision prior to purchase. Here are…

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Different types of commercial shade systems explained

Commercial shade systems are everywhere – from cafes and restaurants to playgrounds, shopping centres, footie stadiums and high-rises.   As well as providing protection from the elements, including sun, rain and wind, they can maximise outdoor space, enhance the visual look of a building or landscape, and even offer energy efficiencies and savings. But, with…

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Waterproof Shade Structures vs Shade Sail Structures

Waterproof shade structures and shade sail structures are a great investment. Both offer additional space shaded from harmful UV rays and keep your adjoining home or business cooler, reducing your energy bills. They also add value to your property – and, aesthetically, they look great. Waterproof shade structures also offer the added bonus of being…

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