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Why Use Cheap Thread?

Why Use Cheap Thread?


There’s a simple reason why some companies use cheap thread.

1. Re-stitching… Smaller companies love the fact that you may call them back in 2 or 3 years time to get them to come back out to re-stitch the shade sails they installed. This keeps their install team busy and also gives them some easy work. What they don’t realise is that you, the angry customer wondering why the shade sail hasn’t lasted the 10 years promised, and yes we are in Brisbane or elsewhere in Queensland or the rest of Australia for that matter, with really high UV exposure….. Will call them back angry that they have cheated you of a good quality solution!

2. Cost…. Yes unfortunately it does cost more to utilise superior threads and worst of all it costs allot more to use the best threads available. But what price does one put on piece of mind? And actually lasting the warranty period of the cloth itself?

3. Why Bother… Why bother to be the best you can be? To make the best shade sails you can make? To give your customer the reassurement that their shade structure solution will stand the test of time??? Unfortunately this is still one I cannot answer.

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