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Why Use Cheap Thread?

Why Use Cheap Thread? Answer.... There's a simple reason why some companies use cheap thread. 1. Re-stitching... Smaller companies love the fact that you may call them back in 2 or 3 years' time to get them to come back out to re-stitch the shade sails they installed. This keeps ...
Bunnings Bundamba Complete - Versatile Structures

Bunnings Bundamba Complete

Completion of Shade Sails achieved by Versatile Structures Bunnings Bundamba Nursery Shade Sails Today we completed this uniquely Australian Project Great day for the team today, I often have people ask how do you get them to go up first time and its simple, diligence. Being controlled enough to not ...
Live Action Bunnings Bundamba - Versatile Structures

Live Action Bunnings Bundamba

Coming from site today at Bundamba in Ipswich, Outer western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In the middle of installing a large amount of shade sails, shade cloth. Shade sails when designed correctly, go up first time and last forever, resist UV and weather impacts. This project is for the new ...