Blue ringed octopus shade structure installed by Versatile Structures for Dreamworld

Customising Industrial Shades for Your Needs

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The exterior of your business speaks volumes about your brand. It’s the first thing that people see that are about to enter your store, restaurant or in the case of the image we used for this article the blue ringed octopus shade structure installed for Dreamworld.

What you choose to put outside—including your shade structures—sets the tone for the customer experience. Think of the outside of your building like a Christmas present. The nicer and more exclusive the packaging the higher your expectation is of what is inside or if the present is just in a plastic bag you don’t have very high expectations that the gift is something you are going to want.

The same thing applies to how you communicate your building or its’ services to potential customers. Choosing a custom fabric structure gives your audience a sense that you care about their comfort by reducing heat or UV as well as the quality of the structure speaks about the quality of serve they can expect. All of these subliminal queues not just help establish your brand but potentially brings in new customers. The key is to ensure the shade structure is built according to your needs and the needs of your customers. Here are some things to consider when designing a unique industrial shade structure.

The function and purpose

Firstly, think of why you want a custom industrial shade structure. Is it to prevent the hot Australian sun from scorching customers and workers as they walk or spend time outside your building? Do you need to protect cars? Are you creating shaded walkways? No matter the purpose, make sure the custom shades match your building’s aesthetics and your property’s design. Have a look at these projects and see how the structures complement the building.

Your brand and image

After identifying the purpose for your custom shade structure, think about the image you want to project and your brand. Your business has unique values and message to convey to your target audience. A customised shade structure can help you communicate that to your audience as well as effectively represent your brand. Ensuring your shade structure has the right brand colours or at least that the colours work with your brand. It is also important that your shade structure uses high quality materials. Nothing will turn away a customer quicker than a shade structure that looks like it is about to collapse on someone’s head. Flimsy industrial shades could compromise the safety of customers and employees. This would serious impact the reputation of your business. Also be sure to check out the fire performance of the shade structure you are looking at investing in.

Environmental factors

Where are you installing the custom industrial shade structure? If you want protection against the sun and the rain, consider shade structures with substrates that offer up to 99 per cent UV-R protection and waterproofing.

Material and features

Custom shade structures can be made of fabric or another material, such as PVC. Some products have special features, such as retractability, hail protection, and wind resistance. Be sure to discuss your needs with the manufacturer to get recommendations. They will ensure your custom shade structure will be durable, with a typical lifespan of at least 10 to 15 years.

Get your custom shade structures today

Are you looking for a method to improve the curb appeal of your property? Custom shades help to enhance the appearance of a building’s design. They add colour and character to your commercial space. Your business can benefit greatly from these solutions. Custom industrial shade structures are an excellent investment, as they are practical and provide an exceptional brand experience.


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