Shade structures by industry

Shade sails installed by Versatile Structures for Supercheap Auto

Shade structures by industry There are no hard and fast rules about which shade structure design you can or can’t use for your business or residential property. With hundreds of styles, colours and shade fabrics to choose from, different industries seem to gravitate to certain shade structure solutions though. The reason for that is that…

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Are retractable awnings worth it?

Retractable Shade sails installed by Versatile Structures

The return-on-investment for retractable awnings is good as the cost is minimal compared to constructing a deck or patio roof. Retractable awnings also provide shelter from the heat and sun, save costs on energy bills, and offer you the flexibility of how much time wish to spend outdoors. When considering installing an awning for your…

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Shade structures and sustainability

Shade sails installed by Versatile Structures in the Noosa Botanical Gardens

Shade structures are essentially produced with the purpose of providing shade and reducing UV radiation. This means they have an underlying environmental purpose at their core. Shade structure specialists follow environmentally friendly practices like using water-based coatings, re-using waste products, and recycling shade substrates. In fact, it is possible to recycle the entire shade structure from…

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Shade structures and fire performance

Shade structure on fire

Fire resistant shade cloth is important to commercial industry as one of the biggest risks a business can face is fire. Not only is a fire debilitating to a business when damage and destruction bring trading to a standstill, but even more so when the lives and careers of employees being impacted.   Older shade…

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Top five shade sail fabrics and how to get the perfect cover

Canterbury school pool shade structure erected by Versatile Structures

Shade cloths, shade fabrics, and also referred to as shade sails, are not just about transforming a sunny spot into a shaded area, they are also great for providing shade over pools (like the Canterbury School pool featured above), car parks and can even be motorized like these awnings.    Regrettably not all shade cloths…

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The best shade sails under the sun

Wellington Point Park shade structure installed by Versatile Structures

As with all products not all shade structures are created equal. There are however two distinct factors that makes for an excellent shade sail. The first and the most important is “fit for purpose” – is the quality of the individual elements that make up a shade structure like the fabric, metalwork, and the manufacturing…

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How much time to allow for a custom shade project

how long does it take to install a shade structure?

One of the first questions we get asked when we work on a new shade project is how long will it take from design to install? Unfortunately, rain, council approval, and COVID-19 restrictions are factors outside of our control which can all negatively impact the turnaround time for any shade structure project. The short answer…

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About ultraviolet radiation (UVR) and shade sails

Shade structure blocking the sun by Versatile Structures

Research tells us that Australia is in the 5 top happiest countries on the planet. It offers carefree living, unrivalled natural beauty, a growing economy, and a diverse mix of cultures from all over the world. But there is a catch though: besides it being home to some of the deadliest animals like the box…

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A guide to shade structure styles

commercial shade structure by Versatile Structures

What is a shade structure? Shade structure means a roofed structure which can be either freestanding or fixed to a building for the purpose of providing shade or shelter from the weather. The shade structure can be over entrances to buildings, external entertaining areas, vehicles, loading/unloading areas, or the like, but does not include the use…

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When to install heavy-duty shade sails

Heavy-duty shade sail

There are significant differences in the various types of shade sail fabrics on the market. The most obvious differences are colour and shade structure shapes; however, you also need to consider the type of fabric used in the shade structure as each substrate type has a specific function. When it comes to commercial applications such…

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