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What To Look for In a Car Park Shade Provider

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Providing shaded car park spaces for clients and customers are a terrific way to offer them protection and a comfortable experience regardless of what the weather is doing. Another important factor is that car park shade structures also increase the value of a property. So, with these two key factors to consider, you will benefit to get guidance from an expert car parking shade supplier before you get started.


Custom shade structures are the perfect addition to retail centres, airport facilities, educational venues, resorts, and hospitals as they provide the necessary level of protection for visitors and their vehicles. Of course, not every car park has the same layout and requirements, which means you will need the exact measurements for your custom shade sails and map out the area. This includes distances and heights.

Note that shade structures need to be wider than the area they will shade, while the height will be determined by the types of vehicles using the car park. As a rule, the lower, the better, as this provides more shade. Custom car park shade structures are design to any fit any size site.

Comprehensive services

Choose a supplier that delivers complete design and construction solutions. Ask if they can take care of council approvals, certification, engineering, foundations, installation, lighting, and overall project management. This usually means they are experienced as not all shade suppliers are equal.



You can’t go wrong with car parking shade suppliers that can offer a variety of options, from waterproof PVC to shade cloth, from barrel vault to skillion, depending on your needs. Do you need lighting to make your car park shade structure usable at night? They should be able to provide that, too. A good supplier can advise you on the best materials, structures, and features to use based on your specific requirements.



You will not regret investing in collaborating with an experienced company. It is ideal to choose a supplier that have been in the industry for more than 10 years as inexperienced operators do not know what they do not know and with many simply having a go, it means they could learn on your job and at your expense. Also choose a company that is well-versed in custom design, engineering, and after-sales service. 


Build quality

Car park shade structures should be built to last and withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions, which means using high-quality shade sails with steel coatings to resist corrosion, water damage, fire, and a wide range of temperatures.



The perimeter of each sail has a curve (catenary) designed to control the fabric tension. Therefore, they do not sag or flap in the wind. This gives you two benefits. It will not work loose, and it will not fatigue prematurely, these are set at 8% distance in / length of edge, as this is the best efficiency balance of tension vs coverage, if you require this to be set at a lower percentage, please feel free to disc


With Versatile Structures you can be sure you will get the results you are after and more with our one stop in house service covering all aspects of custom shade sail solutions, from the design, engineering through to installation and after care.


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