Solar Panel Car Parking Shade Structure

Solar panels used as a car shade structure

Renewable energy is more than just a trend. More industries and businesses are wanting to be part of a helping reduce global warming and have actively taken on installing solar panels to reduce energy costs and their environmental impact. Car parks are an excellent way to utilize a space that doesn’t directly generate income for…

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About ultraviolet radiation (UVR) and shade sails

Shade structure blocking the sun by Versatile Structures

Research tells us that Australia is in the 5 top happiest countries on the planet. It offers carefree living, unrivalled natural beauty, a growing economy, and a diverse mix of cultures from all over the world. But there is a catch though: besides it being home to some of the deadliest animals like the box…

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The complex world of a shade structure

Shade structure installation by Versatile Structures

There probably is not day that goes by that we don’t notice or utilise a shade structure of some sort: parking under cover at the mall, having coffee in an outside area protected by umbrellas or just protecting our children as they play on the park playground or at home. Shade structures are a highly effective at maximising health benefits when…

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Shade structures – your questions answered

Shade sails at Carina State School offer good protection from the sun as the fabrics used are coated with UV protective elements.

When it comes to choosing the shade structure that’s right for you, there are lots of things to consider. There’s cost, durability, colour and size to think about. And with the harsh Brisbane sun, material durability is crucial. Understanding more about shade structures will help you make an informed decision prior to purchase. Here are…

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What To Look for In a Car Park Shade Provider

Providing shaded car park spaces for clients and customers are a terrific way to offer them protection and a comfortable experience regardless of what the weather is doing. Another important factor is that car park shade structures also increase the value of a property. So, with these two key factors to consider, you will benefit to…

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Different types of commercial shade systems explained

Commercial shade systems are everywhere – from cafes and restaurants to playgrounds, shopping centres, footie stadiums and high-rises.   As well as providing protection from the elements, including sun, rain and wind, they can maximise outdoor space, enhance the visual look of a building or landscape, and even offer energy efficiencies and savings. But, with…

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The cheapest supplier isn’t always the best choice

Westfield North Lakes commercial shade structure replacement by Versatile Structures

Do a quick Google search for ‘commercial shade structure suppliers’, and around 4,400,000 results pop up. Narrow this down by where you are, for example, Brisbane, and you’re still left with about 170,000 results. With so many companies to choose from, how do you know which commercial shade system supplier to pick? Like any type…

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Get your commercial car park shade structure right

Whether for a shopping centre, office or commercial construction, car park shade structures are a must in our harsh Australian climate. In new developments and public spaces, they’re a requirement. On top of protecting vehicles from sun and heavy rain, which can be more extreme in Queensland, car park shade structures also protect pedestrians and…

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