Affordable polycarbonate roofing in Brisbane

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Insulated panels or ‘sandwich’ panels can be a great option for your commercial property if you’re looking for a roofing solution that offers spanning capabilities and thermally insulating properties. Insulated polycarbonate roof panels come in a range of colours and designs, so it’s easy to customise a roof that is specific to your aesthetic requirements. Whether you want it freestanding or to connect to an existing structure, the right installer will be able to fulfil your objectives.


Why use insulated panel roofing?


Insulated polycarbonate roof panels offer high sound reduction and superior insulation properties. They are durable and resistant to all weather conditions, with high-quality panels lasting well over 20 years. The key is to work with a highly-trained and experienced installer who understands your needs and can recommend the best products for your intended design and application.


Finding an installer


Choose an installer that offers a complete design and build service. That way, you won’t have to look for multiple service providers for the different stages of the project.


Verify that they use only the best materials and products from established and reputable brands and manufacturers, such as EGR Thermoplastics, Palsun, Makrolon, and Palram for polycarbonate roofing. For insulated panel roofs, make sure they offer products from well-known brands like Bluescope and Lysaght. Some companies offer finishes with a smooth underside, and their colour range is based on Colorbond.


Find an installation partner


Work with an installer with a proven track record of being efficient in their response time. The best teams will always complete the project on schedule and on budget. Reputable installers will analyse your request in detail to make sure that insulated polycarbonate roof panels are truly ideal for your application and budget. If not, they can recommend other solutions, such as standard metal roofing.


Ensure reliable customer care


Reputable installers follow excellent stringent quality control practices to ensure the best possible installation results. They provide dependable after-sales services to make sure that you are completely happy with their work and with your new insulated polycarbonate roof panels.


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