Embracing the Light

Resistance Polycarbonate roof panels transmit natural light by allowing sunlight to filter through, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

In the world of architecture and design, the quest for an optimal shade solution that seamlessly combines durability, aesthetics, and functionality is an ongoing endeavour. Among the myriad options available, polycarbonate roof panels have emerged as a compelling choice for those seeking a versatile and effective shading solution. These transparent or translucent panels not only…

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Polycarbonate Roofing: Pros, Cons, and Cost Comparison

Polycarbonate roofing installed by Versatile Structures for Brisbane City Council West end urban common project

When it comes to roofing materials, the choices seem almost endless. One option that has gained popularity in recent years is polycarbonate roofing. This versatile material offers a range of benefits, but like any other, it also comes with its disadvantages. In this article, we’ll explore the world of polycarbonate roofing, examining its drawbacks, comparing…

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Polycarbonate Panels: An Ideal Choice for Shade Structures in Queensland

Polycarbonate roof panels installed by Versatile Structures for Ipswich Hospital

Queensland, Australia, known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and scorching summers, experiences intense heat and strong sunlight throughout the year. To combat the harsh weather conditions and provide relief from the sun’s relentless rays, shade structures have become an essential feature in this region. Among the many materials available for constructing shade structures, polycarbonate…

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An Overview of Insulated Polycarbonate Roof Panels

West end Common Polycarbonate walkway installed by Versatile Structures

Polycarbonate products are in a continuous process of development, not all companies are adept to the unique design challenges that customisation and installation present. Versatile Structures is among the most experienced when it comes to designing and installing insulated panel roofing. Here’s what you need to know about this substrate.   About polycarbonate Insulated polycarbonate roof…

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Polycarbonate, the ultimate UVR resistant shade structure solution

The Westend Common walkway shade structure featuring a polycarbonate roof, manufactured, and installed by Versatile Structures

The use of lightweight polycarbonate in shade structures has become synonymous with sun protection as the material does not allow harmful ultraviolet radiation (UVR) rays to be transmitted. To better understand the value of polycarbonate as a protective substrate against UVR in shade structures we need to better understand ultraviolet radiation. What is ultraviolet radiation?…

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The complex world of a shade structure

Shade structure installation by Versatile Structures

There probably is not day that goes by that we don’t notice or utilise a shade structure of some sort: parking under cover at the mall, having coffee in an outside area protected by umbrellas or just protecting our children as they play on the park playground or at home. Shade structures are a highly effective at maximising health benefits when…

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Different types of commercial shade systems explained

Commercial shade systems are everywhere – from cafes and restaurants to playgrounds, shopping centres, footie stadiums and high-rises.   As well as providing protection from the elements, including sun, rain and wind, they can maximise outdoor space, enhance the visual look of a building or landscape, and even offer energy efficiencies and savings. But, with…

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Affordable polycarbonate roofing in Brisbane

Insulated panels or ‘sandwich’ panels can be a great option for your commercial property if you’re looking for a roofing solution that offers spanning capabilities and thermally insulating properties. Insulated polycarbonate roof panels come in a range of colours and designs, so it’s easy to customise a roof that is specific to your aesthetic requirements.…

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