a shade structure is an investment

Make sure you get a return on investment

 Jamie Howard      In

Of course, you want a good deal, but it is important to know that not all domestic and commercial shade sails are equal. Making uninformed decisions on price alone can be costly in the long run.

 Price is what you are asked to pay.

Value is what you are willing to pay.

When decisions are made purely on price, there will always be cheaper shade suppliers and commercial shade structure options available. Buying on price alone definitely has a cost as it could result in low quality shade sails and stitching, less durability, and substandard services levels, workmanship and guarantees. Then there is also the old excuse of ‘unforeseen additional charges due to technical problems’.

Knowing how to identify a reputable commercial shade operator over working with an inexperienced supplier who lacks the skill to anticipate installation challenges and learn at your expense, will save you money.

Typically, we either buy an item or we invest our money. A shade structure should be viewed as an investment and a real asset in transforming your property into a source of pride, functionality, and enjoyment.

The important question to ask yourself when looking for a commercial shade sails or shade structures supplier in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia for that matter is: Am I merely looking to buy and item or do I want a return on my investment?

When a return on investment can be justified, making decisions purely on price are no longer justified.


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    Jamie Howard - Director

    Co-founder and Director Jamie has been hands-on in the shade and steel industry since leaving school. With over 15 years’ experience in shade, membrane and steel projects, Jamie is excited about the design opportunities shade structures offer in the commercial and industrial sectors. Jamie’s extensive design skills give him a competitive edge in situations with technical design complexity. He has won two personal industry awards for his designs, alongside many company-won awards.