Solar panels used as a car shade structure

Solar Panel Car Parking Shade Structure

Renewable energy is more than just a trend. More industries and businesses are wanting to be part of a helping reduce global warming and have actively taken on installing solar panels to reduce energy costs and their environmental impact. Car parks are an excellent way to utilize a space that doesn’t directly generate income for a business. If you have an outdoor parking lot solar panels maybe a solution you can implement to be part of the reducing environmental impact, reduce your monthly energy bills as well as provide shade and rain protection for your customers and their cars. That is a really solid value proposition.

Manufacturers of commercial shade solutions can customise PV car park shade structures, complete with design, manufacturing, engineering, and installation services. With their help, you can make the most of renewable energy while providing protective shading for your customers’ or employees’ vehicles.

What is a solar panel car parking shade structure?

Solar panel parking shade structures are custom shading with PV panels on the roof. They can be standalone PV systems or built with an existing solar setup. These custom shade structures allow you to tap on a free energy source (the sun) to run critical equipment, lights, air conditioners and other electronic devices. As more and more cars are becoming electric, car parks with electric charge points will become more popular. If your car park is one of the first to offer this it sends a clear message to your customers that you care about the environment as well as them.

Why choose solar panel car parking shade structures?

Custom car park shade structures are perfect for many applications, such as government offices, shopping centres, and supermarkets. They provide a cost-effective and practical way to generate renewable energy for your facility. Reputable manufacturers choose high-quality materials and apply advanced construction techniques to ensure long-lasting shade structures with reliable solar panels.

A custom solar panel shade structure is a worthwhile environmental and financial investment. Manufacturers can customise it to suit your unique requirements. For instance, it can have lighting and walkways to make the car park structure practical for day or night. They can also work with single bay or double bay structures to suit your space and needs. A walkway in a double bay car park structure will allow your customers to easily access your building and the parking area rain or shine. It may even reduce congestion when pedestrians have a safe dedicated path to access your store.

Custom shade structures with solar panels can also work for full-cover and long-stay parking facilities in airports or exposed rooftop parking areas. The shade structure is customisable to meet council requirements. The manufacturer can provide engineering and design details to help your council application.

Solar car park design and Installation

Solar car park implementation requires a multifaceted design, planning and installation process as it requires an in-depth knowledge across a broad range of disciplines like, civil engineering, project management, design consultation and construction. Once you have decided that a solar car park shade structure is right for your business, choose a reputable company that has all the services inhouse, you want a company that takes responsibility for the whole project from start to finish.


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