Some Useful Tips for Maintaining Your Shade Sails

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Shade sails or sun sails are versatile structures that can make your outdoor areas useful and more comfortable in any weather. They add to the visual appeal and increase the value of your property, too. These characteristics make them practical for various applications including playgrounds, large outdoor dining areas, outdoor commercial centres, childcare facilities, and parks. 

If you’ve invested in high-quality custom shade sail structures for your business, it makes sense to ensure that they’ll last long and continue enhancing your property’s function and aesthetics for years to come. That means taking steps to maintain them.

Although commercial sun sails are designed to be low-maintenance and durable, they still deserve some TLC from time to time. After all, they’re constantly exposed to environmental stressors round-the-clock, making them susceptible to wear and tear. Here are some tips on maintaining your custom shade sails:

It starts with proper installation 

Prolonging the lifespan of any custom shade sail should start from the time it’s installed. A professional should do the job to avoid improper installation, which can result in various issues like premature damage or worse, the structure collapsing unexpectedly.

Clean routinely

High-quality commercial sun sails don’t require extensive maintenance. However, it’s important to not let fallen leaves, debris, or animal droppings accumulate on them. Make it a point to have them cleaned every few weeks using mild cleaning agents.

Take them down

Shade sails may be strong but they are not strong enough to withstand very strong winds, rains, or cyclones. Regularly check weather reports and take down your sun sails when necessary.

Store them properly

Make sure the sails are completely dry before storage. Any dampness can make them susceptible to mould growth, which can rot the fabric.

Visually inspect the shade sails

Check the posts, the edges, and the fabric regularly. Better yet, hire a professional. Ask the supplier and installer of your custom shade sail structures if they offer maintenance and repair services. They should also give you preventative advice and maintenance tips!


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