Westfield Coomera shopping centre child care shade structure installed by Versatile Structures

Shade sails and structures for shopping centre car parks

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From the image above you will notice that the Westfield Coomera Shopping Centre has done something a little different with their car park area. They sacrificed about 8 car parks to create a bespoke play zone. The perfect distraction if you are a parent with a needy 8-year-old.

Play zones as well as car park shade structures attract more customers to your shopping centre. Creating a sun safe play zone for your customers children and their cars says that you care about your customers.

Having a car park with no shade can be a real turn-off for customers. No one wants to return to a boiling hot car after spending hours shopping or cutting your shopping short because your car could be hit by hail. An investment in shade sails and shade structures for a shopping centre car park will help you attract more customer to your centre.

Whether you manage a small strip mall or a major shopping centre, whether the complex is located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast the benefits of a car park shade structure is undeniable. 

Custom Shade Sails and Shade Structures for Shopping Centre Car Parks

A quality shade sail and shade structure installer will design and manufacture the structure for your shopping centre’s specific need. They will look at whether or you need the structure to be waterproof, How much UV protection you need as well as consider the fire performance. fabric component of car park shade sails and structures for installations across Australia.

If you have ever worn a tailored suit that was made specifically for you, you know nothing can compare to that bespoke feeling. The reason you feel good wearing a bespoke suit is that it has been created specifically for your needs. The same is true for a custom-made shade sail. It could hide some less attractive bits of your building. Make your shopping centre looking more appealing, and make it stand out. All these reasons will help you secure better tenants and draw in more customer. More customers and a list of tenants waiting to get into your shopping centre means you can charge more rental.

Shade Cloth and Waterproof Shopping Centre Car Park Covers

Shade cloth and waterproof shade structures are both options for your shopping centre car park. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution that provides excellent sunshade and hail protection or a superior solution that protects against the sun and rain. As with all options there is a top-of-the-line option. A car park shade structure made from solar panels.

We understand that winds can reach wild speeds with the current record sitting at 263km/h wind gusts in Queensland in 2015. Selecting the right installer will give you piece of mind that your structure will handle whatever is thrown at it as will also come with a 15 year warranty to ensure your investment maximises longevity. A good shade structure company should use quality materials that can withstand huge wind gusts, high UV and have a high fire performance.

A good shade structure company should offer you a wide range of colour options for both the fabric as well as the structure itself.

The Process

The process for each shade structure company is a little different however they should cover the below key areas:

  • Know the types the shade sails
  • Consult the manufacturer
  • Consider the sun shadow
  • Create a proper hypar
  • Pick the right fabric
  • Pick the colour
  • Know council rules
  • Hardware quality

To read more about each step read this article 8 steps to creating the perfect car park shade sail


In essence there are a lot of benefits of a car park shade structure and partnering with a good shade structure installer will guide you through the process. Depending on rain and council approvals you are generally in for about a 12 week turn around period.


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