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Polycarbonate products are an ever-developing area, and we pride ourselves on being highly adaptable when it comes to unique design challenges that are only applicable to this type of structure. Our experience with these products includes Danpalon, Makrolon, Palram, Palsun, and EGR thermoplastics, to mention some, which allow us to be at the forefront of this field.

Our team played a key part in designing, producing and installing two custom-designed polycarbonate roofing structures at West End Urban Common for the Brisbane City Council.

What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate roofing is also known as polycarbonate roofing sheets, polycarbonate panels, and polycarbonate cladding. Polycarbonate is a strong, high impact resistant and resilient thermoplastic substrate that is lightweight, shatterproof and can withstand extreme low and hot temperatures. It is excellent load carrying properties and availability in a wide variety of colours and designs, makes the panels easy to customise to your aesthetic requirements and quick and effective to install.

Due to their superior insulation properties, polycarbonate roof panels offer high sound reduction and are durable and resistant to all weather conditions. Good-quality panels can last well over 20 years and the secret to their longevity is working with an experienced installer who understands your needs and can recommend the best products for your intended design and application.

Benefits of Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable: with fifty times the impact strength of float glass and thirty times that of acrylic and even bullet proof, hence being used as police shields.

This lightweight shade solution makes it easy to transport and manage, quick and effective to install and comes with superpowers that withstand extremely high and low temperatures, making it ideal for a wide range of shade solutions including roofing, cladding, skylights, façades, and patios. No matter how complex or unique your build is, Versatile Structures can produce a solution to bring your polycarbonate roof structure to life.

  • High Light transmission properties
  • High Impact strength
  • UV Stabilised materials
  • Light weight compared to glass or metal
  • Extruded Colour options
  • Thermal and light transmission control
  • Waterproof architectural Structures
  • Typical Lifespan up to 15 years

Recommended Applications

  • Commercial construction solutions include roofing and cladding, skylights for warehouses, non-corrosive materials for seaside living, greenhouse materials, and agriculture.
  • Domestic solutions include patio roofing, carports, or adding an external feature wall or wind break decks, garages, patios, sheds, and conservatories, pool covers
  • Cafes, dining, and retail
  • External architectural structures
  • Nurseries and plant shops
  • Hotels and resorts

Speciality Polycarbonate sheeting

With a large variety of polycarbonate sheets on the market, which kind is right for your project?

  • FDA Approved Plastics are the only glazing and plastic material certified for sensitive applications with strict guidelines to meet. FDA polycarbonate is extremely heat resistant and offers high impact strength but are not UV stabilized.
  • Fire Rated or Flame Retardant Polycarbonate, also known as low flammability (LF) polycarbonate is stronger than both glass and plexiglass sheeting and suppresses flames and the chance of fire.
  • Antistatic Polycarbonate or electrostatic dissipative (ESD) polycarbonate is coated with a metal and plastic mixture that prevents static electricity from being generated. The coating does not affect the clarity of the plastic which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate features a coating technology that results in a significant reduction in maintenance cost and liability risk that has the impact resistance of polycarbonate, the abrasion resistance of glass and improved UV resistance. reduction of maintenance cost and liability risk. Abrasion resistant polycarbonate is ideal for schools, hospitals, and bus shelters.
  • Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate protect against forced entry and does not shatter or form spider webs upon impact. It is a stronger and less expensive alternative to bullet-proof glass.

Know your product

Polycarbonate sheets are available from a range of manufacturers, but we prefer working with well-known and trusted brands like EGR Thermoplastics, Palram, Danpalon, Palsun, and Makrolon, while for insulated panel roofs, we recommend Bluescope and Lysaght.

UV Protection

Untreated polycarbonate sheets can last up to 7 years before they discolour, so it is ideal to have the sheets treated with UV protective formulas that help resist sun damage.

Treated polycarbonate sheets offer 99.9% UV protection to Australia’s harsh sun and reduces the sun’s warming effect by up to 69%. The sheets also transmit light which make them ideal for high quality roof lights. Read more about polycarbonate as the ultimate UVR resistant shade structure solution

Care and Cleaning

How not to do it: Improper cleaners and cleaning techniques are the main cause of damaging polycarbonate sheets. Never use cleaning products that contain ammonia as it will tarnish the look. Also never use a dry cloth or your hand to wipe it clean as you will rub dirt into the sheet and damage or scratch it.

The best way to clean polycarbonate sheets is with Novus #1. First remove dust and dirt with water and a soft cloth or blow it off before cleaning it with Novus #1 or use warm water and dishwashing detergent instead.

Polycarbonate Sheet pricing

The pricing of polycarbonate sheets are very cheap compared to glass however the pricing varies depending on whether or not the polycarbonate sheet is coated with UV protection, if the UV protection is on both sides of the sheet, how large the sheet is as well as how thick the sheet is.

Ensure reliable install

Look for reputable installers who follow excellent stringent quality control practices to ensure the best possible installation results and dependable after-sales services.